iWork Gets Refreshed Design And New Features On Web Alongside App Updates


Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 5.51.56 PM

Today Apple released a slew of updates to its iWork productivity suite. On the web, iWork for iCloud has received an iOS 7-like makeover in every aspect except the editing interface. Browsing for documents on iCloud.com now looks more like it does on iOS.

An emphasis has been placed on document sharing with a new “Shared with Me” menu in each app’s toolbar. You can also share password-protected documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Apple didn’t just update iWork’s web apps today. Several updates have been released on iOS and OS X as well.

For example, Keynote on iOS has been updated with a remote feature that can “control slideshows on other devices.” The addition makes the standalone Keynote Remote app obsolete, which is fine because Apple hasn’t updated it in ages. On the Mac, Keynote can now share password-protected presentations by generating a secure iCloud link.

Password-protected sharing is coming to Pages and Numbers as well. The updates should be rolling out in both the iOS and Mac App Store. Other additions, like keyboard shortcuts and new transitions, can be found in the updated apps as well.

  • craigunderhill

    After updating, it won’t open any presentations on my iPhone. It keeps popping-up telling me I need to update my version… uh.. which I have. I even tried uninstalling/reinstalling and it didn’t help. Seems broken.

  • craigunderhill

    Another update came through and fixed it. It took about ten tries (no joke).

  • shauntheboer

    Keynote for Mac crashes each time I attempt to connect my iPhone as a remote…

  • Andrew_X_Thomas

    I’m still using all of the old versions of Keynote, Pages, Numbers. I never fell for the upgrade frenzy. Until Apple gets it’s act together and brings back all the missing features, and stabilizes iWork, I’ll stick to what has worked for years now.