‘Swear Jar’ Might Help You Watch Your F***ing Mouth


Swear Jar

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In these troubled economic times, we don’t really have the luxury of putting real coins into a jar every time we drop a bomb in front of Grandma. Luckily, we have Swear Jar, a virtual container you can drop change into so you can quantify your dirty mouth. You can use any denomination of change you want, and it’ll keep a running tab of your blue streak. It even has motion controls so that you can jingle the coins around.

Because you have to do something between curses, right?

Swear Jar

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2 responses to “‘Swear Jar’ Might Help You Watch Your F***ing Mouth”

  1. OneHungLow says:

    Can you give us a list of the words that constitute swearing? Some of us can use other languages, so do they count?

  2. OneHungLow says:

    How about the 7 dirty words? Here’s George Carlin’s rant on the 7 dirty words. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbZhpf3sQxQ

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