Is Apple To Blame For Biggest San Francisco Crime Spike Since 2008?



There are different ways to measure the success of a tech company — thing like how many lucrative patents it’s sitting on, how much money it’s giving back to shareholders, and what its overall market penetration is in whatever area it’s operating in.

Well, there’s another way also: how much do its product launches correlate with a spike rates. You can keep your reports about Apple’s recent financial quarters disappointing Wall Street analysts — as far as San Francisco’s criminal element is concerned, Apple is doing better than it has in years.

The observation is based on reports that San Francisco crime has reached its highest level in the past five years, since Apple launched its iPhone 3G back in 2008.

And at least in part police are placing the rise on a spate of muggings and robberies, which spike when a new device is introduced, such as Apple’s iPhone 5c in September, or the two new model iPads launched this month.

Once stolen, these devices are often resold and can end up in locations as far afield as South America, or even Asia.

This isn’t the first time a rise in crime has been pinned on Apple. Last year New York’s first crime rise in twenty years was blamed on iPhone thefts — with NYPD noting that 11,447 Apple products were stolen between January and September alone.

Source: SF Examiner




  • mthomasridley

    Kind of like blaming the car for drunk driver behind the wheel. Instead of concentrating on blaming someone (in this case Apple) why not concentrate on asking why people need to steal something that doesn’t belong to them. I’m sure Apple doesn’t have anything to do with the answer to that question.

  • sheaSec

    “Is Apple To Blame For Biggest San Francisco Crime Spike Since 2008?”


    I look forward to your next breaking story: “Is Honda To Blame For All Car Thefts Since 2007?”

  • Faslane

    It’s never a companies FAULT for releasing a new product in high-demand for theft. It adds to the crime increase sure, but it’s not a fault whatsoever. Thieves are pure SH*T.