Cult of Mac Coverage of iPhone 3G at Popular Mechanics


I’m not allowed to repost it fully, but please check out the coverage of the iPhone 3G launch that I worked up for

First, there’s the actual live-blog, which covers the complete blow-by-blow. Dig it.

Then, I have a short news analysis piece studying the implications of Apple dropping the price so much and opening the doors to third-party development.

I’ll have more original Cult content tonight, but this is a pretty thorough day’s work in the mean time.

3 responses to “Cult of Mac Coverage of iPhone 3G at Popular Mechanics”

  1. leigh says:

    I loved your live blogging, MUCH more insightful and interesting than the bulleted lists most other folks were doing…

    it was the only thing that kept me going today trapped on an airplane.

  2. Jakub Dolezal says:

    Very funny iphone 4s review