iPad Air Explodes In Store, Fire Department Called



Writing that Amazon blasted iPad with its new Kindle Paperwhite ad, or that the iOS market share is about to explode may be an unfortunate choice of words after reports that an iPad Air did, quite literally, blow up in an Australian mobile phone store this week.

The incident in question occurred in a Vodafone store in Canberra. Although no customers or staff members were injured, the explosion and resulting fire were reportedly so severe that the fire brigade had to be called to fight the smoke and sparks which continued to erupt from the device.

An Apple representative is reported to have visited the store to collect the iPad for testing, although Apple has yet to make an official statement.

We guess a Dell laptop smelling of cat urine is not sounding so bad right about now…

Source: Daily Mail

  • eldernorm

    You know how first impressions can be so wrong. I always thought that Cult of Mac was a blog written by people who really liked Apple products….

    Boy was I ever wrong. After reading a bunch of articles, it turns out that this is a blog site that thinks of Apple users as cult members who buy Apple cause of marketing and voodoo and Steve Jobs Reality Distortion field.

    And are they right. After all , Dell never (knowingly) sold tons of computers with cheap defective parts for years until they got caught in a class action suit…….. oh wait…… yes they did after all…. oh…..

    Never mind.

  • Zod Buster

    Aren’t these things used by Pilots on Commercial Airliners ???