Amazon Blasts iPad In New Kindle Paperwhite Ad [Video]



I’m a genuine believer that even if you have an iPad, there’s room for an e-ink Kindle in your life if you love to read. No one is questioning the design or hardware superiority of the iPad, but the truth is, it’s the distinction between a general use device and a specialized device. An iPad may game, check email, play video, and more, but a Kindle is perfectly suited to the one task it’s meant for — reading books — in a way that the iPad never really can be.

It’s hard for me to really get too bent out of shape about Amazon’s newest ad for the Kindle Paperwhite (a fantastic e-reader), showing users trying to read books on the iPad and Kindle in bright outdoor light. The iPad is criticized for the constant glare bouncing off the screen, while the Kindle is praised for being easy-on-the-eyes.

That’s all true. The iPad kind of sucks at outdoor reading compared to the Kindle. But in the dark, it can do so much more.

  • iRikal

    I have an iPad and i have a Kobo. I read a lot and when i read, nothing beats a e-ink device. iPad is awesome at what it does but for long periods of reading, it’s not optimal. e-ink is so much better. And iff you have a backlit device, you can read in the dark without ever disturbing your partner asleep next to you.

  • Market_Mayhem

    There’s room enough in the world for both technologies to flourish. Both have their strong points. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make a simple reader and Amazon does. Obviously, Apple doesn’t feel they can make as much money from an e-reader than from an all-purpose tablet.

  • Cody Dollinger

    0:18 – I’d like to see the (actual) comparison between the two without the brightness of the iPad set to 2%

  • John Adams

    hey i know. let’s compare a full-color ipad to a b&w e-ink device. instead of, you know, comparing the ipad to our fire hdx product which equally blots out in bright sunlight. jeff and co are douche bags. this is just as bad as microsoft bashing the ipad for not running office. when, you know, it’s microsoft’s fault for not releasing office for ipad.