The Return Of The Notorious iOS Daylight Savings Time Bug!



Understandably, the latest point-oh release of iOS always ships with quite a few bugs. Hey, it’s complicated making an operating system for millions of devices, things break! Almost invariably, though, there is one particular bug that repeats itself every year: an Daylight Savings Time bug that comes up time after time after time after time.

Guess what? iOS 7 has a Daylight Savings Time bug too.

Many users are experiencing a bug in iOS that causes the Calendar app to show the wrong current time in Day view. It’s only triggering for those in the UK right now, since British Summer Time officially ended at 2 am on Sunday. For we Americans, this bug shouldn’t trigger until Sunday, November 3rd.

Unlike previous Daylight Savings Time bigs, this one seems confined to the Calendar app, and does not effect the rest of the system. It seems like a pretty benign bug, in fact, simply displaying the current time as being an hour later, but not otherwise effecting things like alarms or appointments.

Still, it’s embarassing for Apple. Apple has had half-a-dozen DST bugs hit iOS at this point. You’d think they’d just hire one guy whose only job was to keep an eye out for them.


  • churchyfur

    It’s Daylight Saving, not “Savings.” I know, I know, everybody does it, but that doesn’t make it right.

  • LabHandyman

    EDIT: It’s “affect” not “effect” in 2nd to the last paragraph.

  • thegraphicmac

    You two could make it a full time job correcting the typos, grammar errors, lack of fact-checking, and outright “wrongness” in virtually every article on this site.

  • jeffythequick

    Language is the way to communicate what is in one person’s mind to another. When typos and missed facts are in a journal that is purportedly an authority, the veracity of the typed words is germane.

  • iFan41

    Daylight Savings Big? Is that a new type of bug we should be worried about? I think it’s time this website hire an Editor to check out these blogs before posting. This site is HORRIBLE about spelling and grammar.

    You’d think they’d just hire one guy whose only job was to keep an eye out for them.

  • Scott Townsend

    I guess I missed the memo about today being nitpickers day. Sheesh!