iOS alarms broken for New Zealand users after Daylight Savings



About a month ahead of America and Europe, New Zealand clocks fall an hour back when they switch to Daylight Savings Time on the last Sunday of September. Apparently, though, New Zealand iPads and iPhones are proving a tad overzealous when it comes to falling back this year: numerous iOS users are reporting that since yesterday’s switch, their alarms are going off an hour early. Given that Kiwis were already having to wake up an hour earlier than they were used to, that’s quite a rude awakening.

Apparently, the bug only triggers if you set a recurring alarm in the built-in Clock app, the alarm will always trigger an hour early if you’re running iOS 4.1, iTunes 10.0.1 and live in a Southern Hemisphere Country that has just gone over to Daylight Savings Time. Bizarrely, this same big also seems to affect US users in Indiana.

If you are one of our Kiwi readers, switching the alarm to non-recurring fixes the problem, but if you want your alarm to go off every morning without having to remember to switch it back on, you’ll have to wait until Apple releases a fix. TUAW, which initially reported the issue, reckons that Apple might just hold an official fix back to November’s 4.2 update, but with more southern hemisphere countries due to switch to Daylight Savings Time soon, this is a bug with a scope that is only going to get bigger… and make prematurely wakened citizens of Oceania grumpier every day it goes unfixed.