iPhone Bug Sleeps Through Daylight Savings



An iPhone bug gave users in Australia an early wake up call — or not one at all — as they adjusted to daylight savings time over the weekend.

The good news: the bug appears to affect only “recurring” alarms.

The bad news: because it appears to affect all of Apple’s products running iOS — as daylight savings goes into effect around the world, you may get it too.

One online poll of about 4,500 users said that 48% of them had some kind of alarm snafu due to the time change.
Forums were full of tardy iPhone owners:

“Mine was set for 3.30am and 3.50am got nothing :( bit late to work this morning ;)”

“LOL, my 5:45 recurring week-day alarm woke me up at 4:45 this morning. Nice one Apple!”

“I love my iphone, but this is the funniest thing that ever happened (and will give iphone haters heaps of ammunition)”

The fix? Just remember to set your alarm an one hour later. Or set a manual alarm each day – instead of having it occur automatically.

Via The Sydney Morning Herald, The Register