This Futuristic iPhone Concept Is A Bizarre New Take On Wearable Technology [Gallery]



Italian designer Federico Ciccarese is well known throughout the blogosphere for his Apple product concepts. Chances are that you’ve seen his gorgeous iPad Mini and iPhone 5 concept designs in recent months.

Ciccarese has released a futuristic iPhone concept that takes a very different approach to wearable technology. Kinda creepy, right?

With Google Glasses on the horizon and Apple rumored to be working on similar kinds of wearable technology, the future of consumer tech may very well be worn on your body. However, we don’t really see people walking around with metallic fingers wrapped around their hands all day.

Source: Ciccarese Design

  • vanmacguy

    Very cool. I could see a similar thing clipped around the wrist maybe? But yeah, not around the hand, it’s get in the way too much. I need stuff out of my pockets too often for that to work.

    Ahh, wrist phone, as per Maxwell Smart.

  • B066Y

    I could see this being useful and I think it’s a cool concept…although, I think I’ll keep it off my right hand.

  • Shane Bryson

    This is the ugliest, dumbest concept ever.

  • jim cancil

    I am already a little off put by watches, rings and other attachments, so you can see me sprinting for the door when someone hands me this. NOOOOO!

  • davester13

    Just motorize the legs so you don’t have to fumble around with just one hand trying to get it on right. You just put your hand down on the table, and your phone just climbs on and wraps around it. What could be more natural. I guess you would need a warning for people with a fear of spiders…

  • Paul Gaskell

    A cool concept, i would prefer it to be an accessory though, which could connect via bluetooth to your phone in your pocket. This would enable full sized screen access for web browsing, apps and games. The smaller screen can be used for navigation, on the go access, access to music and media, and have hands free built into it. If the fingers are a flexi-arm/solid combi it could preserve styling as well as making it an easily removable accessory.