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Google Brings New Voice Search Features To Chrome



Google has brought the new voice search features announced at Google I/O last week to its Google Chrome web browser for desktops. The latest version of the app (version 27) puts a little microphone icon alongside the search bar on which lets you find the things you’re looking for without touching your keyboard.

When you click the microphone icon, you’ll be taken to a dedicated search page that’ll listen to your voice commands. It works just like the voice searching feature inside Google’s search apps for Android and iOS, and it’s just as quick and as accurate.


Chrome usually installs its updates automatically when you’re not using it, but if you haven’t closed it in a while, you can install it manually by opening up the “About Google Chrome” page from within the settings menu and clicking the restart button. If the update wasn’t already waiting for you, you may have to search for it.

Once you have the latest Chrome release, visit and try out voice search for yourself.

Via: Android Central