Gmail App For iOS Finally Adds Link Support For YouTube, Google Maps, And Chrome



Despite being a bitter rival of Apple, Google still makes some of the best iOS apps on the planet. One of my biggest gripes against Google’s apps though has been if you click a link inside Gmail, it opens up a Safari browser version of YouTube or Google Maps rather than opening the app directly.

Google has finally fixed that big annoyance by adding link support to Gmail for YouTube, Google Maps, and Chrome. The free update was just pushed out to the App Store. Now when you click on those links, the corresponding app will open up. You can turn the feature off if you want, but users who live and die by Gmail will certainly appreciate this simple feature.

Here are the release notes on the update:

What’s New in Version 2.2.7182

  • YouTube, Google Maps and Chrome links go directly to the app instead of the mobile web, if installed. You can turn this off using the in-app settings.
  •  Added support for signing out of a single account instead of having to sign out of all accounts at once


Source: iTunes

  • Paullloydjohnson

    If I wanted a Google phone, I’d buy an android phone. Google’s attempted grab of iOS has just made me hate them. I dropped my Gmail and deleted my Google account and now just use Apple’s own alternatives. I just wish Apple would allow more choice for default search engine and then I’d drop Google altogether.

  • patrickahles

    It would be great if the Gmail app would not constantly crash on my “old” iPad 1…

  • markymac

    As much as I love the Gmail app and would prefer to use it over Mail it’s still missing a key feature: the “Open in…” function.

    While you can easily view attachments you can’t open them in another app unless you access Gmail through a browser.