Budget iPhone “Confirmed” For This Year, Says Leaker Of Previous iPhone Components



Last year, electronics supply company ETrade Supply lucked out and was one of the first companies to obtain parts of the iPhone 5 before release: first the FaceTime cam, then the front panel and then the back panel.

Whatever ETrade Supply’s sources, then, they clearly have a solid connection inside Foxconn. And now that source is telling them that the ‘budget’ iPhone is a very real product.

Sadly, there’s not much more to go on: a leaked part or something would be helpful here to prove veracity. Still, given ETrade’s history, their claim that they have heard an “on the wind confirmation” that Apple will be releasing lower end models this year.

We already have a pretty good idea of what Apple’s “budget” iPhone will look like: a plastic affair that looks like an iPhone 5 in front, and an iPod touch in the back. We also know that it would be a good move for Apple to release one, since recently, J.P. Morgan said that a lower-cost iPhone would effectively kill Samsung’s Galaxy business in the United States.

The biggest question about the ‘budget’ iPhone is really whether it will be a budget device, or a mid-range device. There’s good reason to think that the so called ‘budget’ iPhone will be priced closer to the iPad mini than an iPod nano, but only time will tell.

But where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, and there’s getting to be too much smoke and too many people shouting “Budget iPhone!” as they rush around the theater right now to ignore. The iPhone is about to become a family of devices at different price points. It’s just a matter of time.

Source: ETrade Supply

  • requiemforaleo

    Can Apple seriously maintain Apple-standards of quality on a ‘budget’ device? I’m skeptical.

  • technochick

    Can Apple seriously maintain Apple-standards of quality on a ‘budget’ device? I’m skeptical.

    So is Apple which is why Phil said they don’t do cheap.

    This device, if it is real, will be on par with the iPhone 4S which is the model that would be at their lowest price point of roughly $400. If it isn’t the phone 4s straight up. I could see them revamping it slightly to have the lighting connector not the 30 pin for consistency but that’s about the only change likely to happen. Which is also why parts haven’t turned up. They are ‘old’ parts so no one has the clue they are for the ‘budget’ phone.

    New financing in China, India etc also bears out that they have little intention of releasing a $200 phone for those ’emerging’ markets

  • rwmcgrann

    This makes sense initially but I’m still confused about what will happen 2-3 years from now. How will old iphones 2-3 years from now (iphone 4s, iphone 5) compete with old budget iphones or even new budget iphones? Where will all those price points be?

    You can already get an iphone 4 free with a 2 year contract. So will you be able to get a 1 year old budget iphone for free with contract?

    But it makes so much sense to get as many people as possible riding your cash cows that are itunes and the app store.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    They got 5S parts last year before it’s release? I didn’t know the 5S was already released?

  • rigit_digit

    As a parent, I think this is great. Kids just want to iMessage, FaceTime and share photos, but stay within the Apple eco system. I know a lot of this is addressing emerging markets, but if this is really true for the rest of us, and it is priced right (200 bucks no contract = priced right to me), that will be great. And if it breaks, buying a new one will not sting as much.