Taller iPhone 5 Front Panel Compared With The iPhone 4S [Video]



In the weeks leading up to Apple’s rumored September 12th media event we’ve seen real-looking and not-so-real-looking leaks of the next iPhone. Rumors say that the sixth-gen iPhone (commonly referred to as the “iPhone 5” for clarity’s sake) will be taller and thinner than its predecessor. The device is expected to boast a 4-inch display, 4G LTE, and a redesigned form factor.

A new video has surfaced alongside a series of images comparing the current iPhone 4S front panel with the iPhone 5’s larger front panel.

ETrade Supply has the scoop this time around. According to this leaked front panel for what is claimed to be the next iPhone, the device’s glass lens will be 0.1 mm thinner and the device itself will be 13.6 mm taller than the iPhone 4S. The 4.065-inch panel also reveals that the iPhone 5 will feature a 16:9 aspect ratio, if the part is indeed authentic. That would be quite the transition from the 3.5-inch display with 3:2 aspect ratio currently used.

The front-facing FaceTime camera is centered above the earpiece on this leaked part, which also lines up with previous rumors. It also looks like the iPhone 5 will have a smaller, more sensitive light sensor. The device’s Home button is also smaller than the iPhone 4S’s.

Japanese blog Macotakara recently had a hands-on video of what it claimed was the iPhone 5, but this is the most detailed analysis of the front panel out there right now. ETrade Supply also got its hands on an aluminum iPhone 5 backplate a couple months ago.

Are you ready for an iPhone with a larger screen and 16:9 aspect ratio?

Source: ETrade Supply

Via: iPhoneinCanada

  • moiano66

    Regardless of the video, the comments of the guy are of a blast! :D

  • mr_bee

    The mispronunciation of almost everything is a tad annoying, but I guess english is his second language.

    What’s more annoying is that he never measures the thing! I mean who gives a rat’s behind about the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the screen hole in the middle? People want to know how much bigger the phone is overall or if it is thinner overall.

    All that work and not once did he think to tell us “the new iPhone will be x millimetres taller” or “the new iPhone will be the exact same width” (will it?). so infuriating to have all these parts leaks and copious videos and no one has done a single, detailed measurement of the pieces.

    Kudos to this guy for being the best out there, but still it falls short of the information needed.

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    What’s with the finger gloves? Isn’t that more costly than hand gloves?

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    He’s probably a very nice chap, but don’t you think someone ought to tell him where condoms are really meant to go ?