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This Could Be The Front-Facing Camera For The iPhone 5S [Image]



We’re pretty confident the iPhone 5S will look almost identical to the iPhone 5, but its insides are likely to be a little different. Recent rumors have claimed Apple could add a faster processor to the device, along with fingerprint technology and improved cameras. And one of those cameras may have been leaked.

The picture above shows what is believed to be a front-facing camera for the iPhone 5S.

As you can see from the comparison shot with the iPhone 5 camera component, the new one sports a slightly different cable design. It’s unclear, however, whether anything else has changed, and whether the camera itself has been improved. It’s possible it hasn’t, and that the flex cable has changed simply to accommodate other internal changes.

The component was obtained by eTrade Supply, and spotted by French blog NowhereElse which also stumbled across another component, pictured below. This one’s a bit of a mystery; it’s unclear at this point what it’s for, and it doesn’t appear to resemble any existing iPhone 5 components.


“I myself have tried to find a similar component in the latest versions of the iPhone, the iPad and the iPad Mini, but without success,” NowhereElse reports. The site notes, however, that this may not be an iPhone 5S component, but rather a part of Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone instead.

The camera component certainly suggests that Apple will make some significant internal changes for the iPhone 5S, then. But for now we’ll have to wait and see what those changes will bring.

Source: NowhereElse