Google Releases YouTube Capture For iPad So You Can Look Silly Shooting Video On Your iPad



The #1 rule about owning an iPad: don’t use it to take pictures or videos in public. I don’t care if you’re freaking Spike Lee. You’re going to look silly.

Google doesn’t care about none of that though. They’ve just released YouTube Capture for iPad, so you can shoot videos with your giant iPad and upload them straight to YouTube.

YouTube Capture made its debut on the iPhone last December, but Google says they want to make capturing, recording, and sharing video easy on the iPad too.

With 25% of YouTube videos being viewed on mobile devices, it’s smart of Google to make it easy to film something on the device that you’re consuming on. Even though we’re not fans of filming on an iPad, we must applaud YouTube Capture for its efforts to cure the world of Vertical Video Syndrome.


Source: iTunes


  • Jonathan Ober

    great app for grandparents who have ipads :P

  • jpbuquet

    “You look stupid when you take a photo or shoot a video with your iPad (or any other tablet for that matter)” is a cheap meme that is seemingly cool to be heard repeating. i’m sure riding a bicycle once made you look stupid too, or wearing glasses, take your pick… Sure, things can be REALLY stupid, but imho this is not one of them—you don’t look more or less stupid shooting with a tablet that using a camera or a phone—except to people who like to mock others.