The Greatest Feature Every Single Camera App Should Have [Opinion]




I’m tired of seeing your crappy vertical videos on YouTube. I mean, I’m not saying the content of your videos are crappy, but black bars on the sides are annoying and they’ve destroyed my desire to watch whatever cute and silly things your cat is doing on YouTube.

The war against Vertical Video Syndrome has been waging for years, yet the horde of black-barred videos that have infested YouTube have continued to multiply. However, in an unexpected move that may finally cure us of vertical videos, Google’s new YouTube Capture app has the greatest video recording feature of all-time  – you have to rotate your iPhone into landscape mode before it will let you record a video. 

Every app that records video needs this feature just so we can train humans to stop being ridiculous and lazy and rotate their iPhones when recording video.

Yes, I get it. It’s a lot easier to hold your iPhone in a triumphant vertical grip than it is to delicately clasp the edges while you film in the standard landscape format. But the Internet Video God, YouTube, has spoken – thou shalt not film vertical videos from this day forth and forever.

Since the dawn of the Internet we’ve watched videos that are horizontally oriented. We started with the 4:3 format and have progressed all the way to 16:9. Our computer screens are horizontal. Same goes for our TVs, iPads, and iPhones. And so, if we consume video in a horizontal format, our filming should match up accordingly. If that’s too tough to remember in your moment of excitement as you record your kid’s first steps, fine, go download YouTube Capture. Problem solved.

Are there any reasons that necessitate a need for vertical videos? I can’t think of any. If you say you can capture more of a particular scene in vertical mode, I get that. Except when you play that video on a horizontal screen it will actually look like you didn’t capture enough of the scene. Step back until the entire scene fits in your horizontal frame. It’ll look better anyway, and annoying people like me will stop complaining about you.

For all those that have yet to embrace the horizontal filming format, I admonish you with all the love in my heart to knock it off and rotate your iPhone 90 degrees to the left (or to the right. I don’t care which side your home button is on) and film your videos horizontally so the rest of the Internet’s citizens can enjoy a horizontal video-Utopia full of cats, parkour, disasters, and funny little babies.


  • Brooks Serigne


  • TeachMeiOS

    I totally agree with this. It always annoys me to whenever you have a vertical video. It is especially annoying when the movie is shown on a widescreen TV via Airplay. I try to tell all my friends to make sure and shoot video “the right way” :)

  • extra_medium

    I think the problem is that people are used to taking quick snapshots in portrait mode (portraits) so they naturally take videos that way too. They don’t realize till later how crappy it looks on a screen. Unless every video recording app really does force the user to rotate their screen, its not going to change unfortunately.