Jony Ive Talks Product Naming Techniques In Extended Blue Peter Interview


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Last Friday, the BBC published part of its interview with Jony Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, which was shown during a special episode of children’s television show Blue Peter on Saturday morning. The full interview has now been posted to YouTube, and it shows Ive talking about product naming techniques.

Ive was asked how he would design a lunchbox, a task that Blue Peter put to school children as part of the special episode. “Imagine that was your brief, if you were given that task, how would you have approached it?” asked presenter Barney Harwood.

Ive replied:

If we were thinking of lunch box we’d be careful about not having the word box already give you a bunch of ideas that could be quite narrow, because you think of a box as being square, a cube, and so we’re quite careful with the words we use because those can sort of determine the path you go down.

You can watch the full interview, during which Ive is presented with a gold Blue Peter badge — the show’s highest accolade — below.

Ive said that he was a big fan of Blue Peter when he was growing up, and that his new award was an “absolutely incredible.” Only around 1,000 people have a gold Blue Peter badge; other holders include David Beckham, JK Rowling, and The Queen.

Source: YouTube

Via: Macworld

  • technochick

    If you actually listen to the clip, he’s not talking about product naming at all but rather how they talk. In the design stage

  • Koban4max

    i thought the products told him to shut up and start designing new stuff or get fired. :D… and to try to smile alot.

  • hanhothi

    That is brilliant! And Sir Jony’s humility is wonderful, that Gold Blue Peter badge clearly meant a great deal to him. He is currently the real genius behind Apple, just as Woz was back in the day.

  • garethbouch

    Great to see Blue Peter continuing to encourage creativity in children – and it’s lovely to see how genuinely chuffed Ive appears with his Gold Badge.