U.K. Children’s Show Awards Jony Ive Prestigious “Blue Peter” Badge [Video]



Jony Ive has received a whole host of awards for his design efforts at Apple, but as a life-long fan of children’s TV show Blue Peter, none of them may be as special as his latest from the BBC: a gold Blue Peter badge. Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design now joins a list of just 1,000 people awarded with a gold badge, which also includes David Beckham, JK Rowling, and the Queen.

Blue Peter is the longest-running children’s television show, first hitting screens in 1958, and the gold badge is its highest accolade. London-born Ive fondly remembers the show, as he told presenter Barney Harwood during an interview that will be broadcast in a gadget special on Saturday, February 16.

Upon receiving his gold badge, Ive called the honor “absolutely incredible.” He also showed Harwood “something very special,” which he and his team at Apple had been working on: a large Blue Peter badge machined from solid aluminum, which took more than ten hours to make.

You can catch the interview below.

“Sir Jonathan Ive is an inspiration to children around the world and we were ecstatic to hear his comments and design advice to our viewers who will remember such feedback for a lifetime,” said Ewan Vinnicombe, Acting Editor of Blue Peter.

Those in the U.K. can catch the interview on the CBBC channel at 10 a.m. (GMT) tomorrow.

Source: BBC

  • Dynamitejet

    Wow, how humbled was Jony upon receiving the badge? Very touching.

  • hanhothi

    This really shows how distorted our values are. David Beckham, who can do nothing more useful than kick a ball is idolised and gets this award long before a true genius who really changed the world and makes a real difference. How sick! Well done Sir Jony.

  • dcj001

    The embedded video does not work for me (in the USA). But I found it on YouTube: