iPhone 5 Sales Are Decelerating Faster Than Expected, Says Analyst



Tim Cook said that Apple couldn’t even make enough iPhone 5s to keep up with demand last year. Shoot, Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 units in the first weekend, so we’re keen to believe Tim.

However, a report from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek this morning is claiming the iPhone 5 is loosing its juice, and sales are starting to drop a lot faster than anyone expected.

Misek said that along with the decelerating sales of the iPhone 5, suppliers are already prepping for the iPhone 5S builds that should start in March. So it seems  part of the drop in iPhone 5 sales is due to demand, the other is because of anticipation for the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be announced at some point this summer, however it will most likely just be a spec bump rather than a complete redesign. Apple is also rumored to be working on a cheaper iPhone that will be released in 2013 as well. The cheaper iPhone will be made of plastic and cost around $300 unlocked if you believe analysts.

Update: Jim Dalrymple at The Loop has already squashed half of this rumor. For a history of Peter Misek’s horrible Apple predictions, check out this article.

Via: BI