Apple Announces iPhone 5 Sales Top Five Million In First Weekend


iPhone 5 is selling like hot cakes covered in chocolate sprinkles.
iPhone 5 is selling like hot cakes covered in chocolate sprinkles.

iPhone 5 is selling like hot cakes covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Apple has announced that iPhone 5 sales surpassed a whopping five million units in just three days following the handset’s launch on Friday, September 21. Demand for the device has exceeded Apple’s initial supply, and while the majority of pre-orders have been shipping, many are scheduled to arrive in October.

The iPhone 5 made its debut in 9 markets around the world on Friday, and it’s set to arrive in another 22 on September 28th. For those who didn’t get one over the weekend, Apple retail stores will continue to receive regular deliveries, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook:

Demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible. While we have sold out of our initial supply, stores continue to receive iPhone 5 shipments regularly and customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough iPhone 5s for everyone.

In comparison, the iPhone 4S sold 4 million units during its launch weekend last October, which makes the iPhone 5 the fastest-selling iPhone yet. Though that was to be expected with more than two million pre-orders within 24 hours.

Apple also announced in its press release this morning that iOS 6 is now installed on more than 100 million iOS devices. That’s pretty incredible when you consider it’s only been in public hands since last Wednesday.

Source: Apple

  • ddevito

    too bad these poor saps waited in line for for days for a phone that scratches too easily.


  • Len Williams

    Apple does it again. The new iPhone 5 is a major hit with the fastest sales of any phone in history. Of course all the Apple bashers can only explain its popularity because iPhone buyers are deluded, misguided, unintelligent and generally lame-brained. There is no room in their philosophy for the fact that the iPhone is actually an excellent product, and that people like it because it works so well for them (ahem, Maps excluded for the time being). It’s a double standard that has been at work concerning Macs and Windows users for years: Windows users tell me that Windows has won because so many people use it. On the other hand, the iPhone has lost because so many people are stupid and hypnotized into using it. The best thing to do of course is to pay no attention at all, make your own choices and enjoy whatever technology you wish to embrace.

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