Apple Loses Spot On List Of Top 20 Most Trusted Companies For Privacy


iOS 8 is Apple's most privacy-conscious mobile OS yet.
iOS 8 is Apple's most privacy-conscious mobile OS yet.

People don’t trust Apple with all their personal data as much as they used to. That’s what the latest survey on privacy data claims, after ranking the top 20 companies that U.S. consumers trust the most with their private information.

Ponemon Institute has conducted its annual privacy survey for the past seven years that asks U.S. consumers to rate organizations that they feel are most likely going to keep their information private. Apple was ranked 14th on last years list, but didn’t make the cut this time.

2012 marks the first year that Apple hasn’t been on Ponemon Institute’s privacy Top 20 list since 2009. Apple has  experienced a few privacy scandals recently – most notably the UDID tracking breach last year, and the Location-gate scandal in 2011 – that may have damaged consumers’ perception on whether Apple takes privacy seriously or not.

Apple’s not the only major tech company that didn’t make the Top 20 though. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Dell, AOL, Samsung, and Nokia were left off the list as well. Amazon grabbed the number 3 spot, while Microsoft came in at 17.



Source: Ponemon Institute

Via: Mac Observer

  • Jdsonice

    OK this is freaking hilarious. MS made the list? Their security is like a sieve and they spam the hell out of me. And Amazon? What nonsense.

  • darkhuntress

    I don’t trust any company on that list except one..American Express.