League Of Legends Finally Coming To The Mac, In About A Month


Now you'll be able to do this on your Mac.
Now you'll be able to do this on your Mac.

Did you sign the Change.org petition to get a Mac port of super-popular multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA), League of Legends? Have you waited with bated breath since it was first announced, and then wept with frustration when it was cancelled? Have you downloaded the unofficial iLoL port and suffered through any beta glitches just to get you some League of Legends on your favorite computing platform?

Well, the wait is (almost) over, as developer Riot Games has finally admitted that it is indeed working on a Mac client, and it will be available within a month.

Speaking with Mike Schramm at TUAW, Riot Games’ PR manager, Chris Heintz said that the Mac client of the game is actually live on internal beta servers, and should be ready for you to play as an Open Beta within a month. Why has it taken so long, though?

“When we originally developed the Mac client,” said Heintz, “we developed it with a partner, and it was a port, effectively. Our service model and how rapidly we patch wasn’t really compatible with that approach, and also the performance and stability of that client wasn’t up to our players’ expectations, and so we killed it.”

The new version was developed by Riot Games itself, and will run on OS X natively, without any need for emulation. “We knew it was going to take some time,” Heintz said, “but we wanted to do it right.”

As someone who has gone over to the dark side to try out this free-to-play game, I have to say I’m super excited to have it available for the Mac, adding another game to a growing list of games that let me never have to use Windows PCs again.

Source: TUAW

  • Rygaard

    I hope the Real client will be better and faster than Beta they have out now, it took about 2 minutes to launch on the newest “biggest upgradable posiable” iMac, the iLoL client launces in like 5 sek.