Got 10 Bucks? Grab Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage Expansion For Borderlands 2


That dude is ripped. Low carb?
That dude is ripped. Low carb?

If you’ve been playing Borderlands 2 since it came out for the Mac a while back, you’ll know how very wacky and inappropriately violent it is. If you’ve already blasted your way through the main storyline and side quests, though, you might be feeling a little bereft at the end of your time on Pandora.

No worries, then, as Aspyr’s got your back, with their port of the DLC, “Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage,” available now on both Steam and the Mac Game Store.

If you haven’t been playing Borderlands 2, what’s up with that? Get on it, Vault Hunter!

The expansion has new baddies to mow down, including hordes of Biker Bandits. There are new quests from Tiny Tina, Moxxi, and others, as well as new bosses including Pyro Pete, Motor Momma, Badassaurus Rex, and, yes, a blimp. You’ll get to play along with more gear, more explosions, crazy new weapon combos and the like, with a whole new main story to get through, as well as a bunch of new side quests. Yes, and you can meet Mr. Torgue.

All this for a mere $10, though you do need to have a copy of Borderlands 2 to play it. You do have a copy of Borderlands 2, right? It can be had for 25% off on Steam right now, too, so head on over and check it out.

Source: Mac Game Store
Via: Inside Mac Games

  • leetut

    No I have not been playing it on mac as I could not connect Xbox controller to this game :(
    Can’t use a keyboard for gaming as I ain’t old school lol
    Bought it for Xbox recently and it looks 100% better on there if I’m honest