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Everything To Expect At Macworld/iWorld 2013 [Macworld Preview]


Cult of Mac is going to Macworld. Here's everything to expect, day-by-day.

Many people thought that without Apple’s injecting blood directly into the arteries of Macworld, the expo would quickly shrivel and die.

They were wrong. Apple may not have participated in the event since 2009 but things are still going strong. Macworld has transformed itself from an Apple launch event where Cupertino  announced products like the original iPhone and taught customers how to use them, to an event where people celebrate the culture that permeates Apple fans and binds them together.

In three short days, thousands of iFans across the globe will converge on San Francisco’s Moscone Center to celebrate everything that is great about Apple. It’s going to be a great show. Already, Macworld/iWorld 2013 is set to be one of the most entertaining Macworld conferences in recent memories. It’s going to be packed with celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Will.i.am, while over 350 companies show off their new products to Apple fans who will love getting to hangout with each other and swap stories on everything Apple.

Here’s what to look forward to this week at MacWorld/iWorld 2013:

You can check art from iPhoneographers like Cindy Patrick on Wednesday

TechTalks – Even though the show floor doesn’t open till Thursday, you can still get some MacWorld/iWorld action in on Wednesday. There are seven TechTalks scheduled on Wednesday that cover everything from iOS development, to eBook Production.

iPhoneography Gallery – From 8AM-9PM you can come by the Moscone Center and look at galleries from the best iPhoneographers across the world.


The gruesome twosome, Kutcher and Gad will talk about what it’s like being Jobs and Woz

Expo Hall – Starting at 10AM the Moscone Center will become Apple Nerd Heaven. With an estimated 25,000 attendees, you can visit the 350 booths of exhibiters peddling their latest wares and fine Apple related products you could never dream up.

Playing Steve & Woz – Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad will take the Main Stage to talk about what it was like to play Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the movie JOBS. Maybe Ashton will give us some tips on how to look great when you’re strung out on acid.

Futurehunting with Will.i.am – Intel’s futurist, Brian Johnson is going to sit down with Will.i.am to talk about the future of technology and gadgets. Even though we think Will.i.am’s super expensive iPhone camera attachment is ridiculous, this talk should be interesting.

iNDIE iNNOVATION – It’s basically a battle of the bands between Exist Elsewhere and Mister Loveless (never heard of either of them), where both bands are using some Apple products in their set.

Macworld/iWorld Blast – Whoever wins the iNDIE iNNOVATION battle of the bands contest gets to be the opening act of the Macworld/iWorld Blast. It’s a huge party with tons of Apple fans and Little Feat is playing.


Fred Armisen has been playing Steve Jobs while Kutcher was still fighting for roles in movies like ‘What Happens in Vegas’

Fred Armisen Talks Tech – Ashton Kutcher’s won’t be the only actor at Macworld who’s played Steve Jobs. Fred Armisen has been parodying Steve Jobs on SNL for years. He’s also a huge technophile and Apple addict. He’ll be talking with Chris Breen about how he uses Apple technology to get creative. It helps that he’s pretty funny, so this will probably be one of the best talks at Macworld.

Out There – As the newest animated comedy on IFC, Out There’s creators are huge Apple fans, so they’re going to talk about how they use Apple products in their creative process.

iPhone Film Festival – Didn’t make it up to Sundance? Don’t worry. Macworld/iWorld has its own film festival. All the movies were filmed on an iPhone, which sounds boring, but they actually look pretty good.

Saturday is the busiest day at Macworld. Expect crowds and lots of crowds
Saturday is the busiest day at Macworld. Expect crowds and lots of crowds

All the moms and dads come to Macworld/iWorld on Saturday. There are tons of TechTalks and breakout sessions that can be enjoyed. Oh, and the exhibit floor will still be open that’s going to feature over 350 companies – 100 of which are app companies. 40% of the exhibiters have new products that haven’t been seen before.

Even though people are sure to be intrigued by the appearances of Ashton Kutcher, Will.i.am, Fred Armisen and other panelists, products are the real star of Macworld/iWorld. You can find all sorts of things that you’ve never seen before. But the best part of Macworld is the people. Where else can you go and be surrounded by 25,000 Apple fans?

Cult of Mac’s coverage of Macworld/iWorld 2013 will start this Wednesday. So keep coming back and enjoy the show with us.