Will.i.am’s Thinks You’ll Pay Him $478 For This iPhone 4 Vintage Camera Case With A Keyboard



Will.i.am, of Black Eyed Peas fame, has decided that your iPhone is cool but he could make it even more amazing. He’s got a new accessory called the V.4 that attaches to the iPhone and converts it into a “fashionable camera” by adding a vintage looking camera frame to the back with interchangeable lenses and a pop-out keyboard.

Not only does the accessory add a vintage camera and keyboard, but it also comes with its own vintage photo filters, a built-in flash, and photo editing. Plus, you don’t have to use Instagram anymore because now you’ll be able to upload your photos to Will.i.am’s own photo network called i.am.

The V.4 iPhone 4 accessory will go on sale at London’s Selfridges on December 6th for $478 (£299), but if you want a cheaper more modern look, you can grab the C.4 for $315 (£199). An iPhone 5 compatible accessory is scheduled for release later next year. The iPhone 5 units will actually come with their own sensor and flash that will turn the iPhone 5 into a 14MP “genius-phone” according to Will.i.am.

Will.i.am developed the C.4 and V.4 units over the last year for what he called “the cost of two DJ gigs” which we’re assuming costs around the same amount as a HoloPac appearance. Will.i.am said that he’s hoping his product will inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.


The C.4 unit comes with a “Modern Look”



Source: Telegram



  • FriarNurgle

    Will.i.am obviously underestimates the difference between his income and the rest of us regular folk.

  • bullshitconsult


  • MrsCleaver


  • Atienne

    He will sell a few. I’m sure Paris will buy one.

  • coffeebot

    Will.i.am just confirmed that he no longer has any touch with common people. This this is aimed strictly at his super model friends.

  • bondr006

    He’ll sell them. It just won’t be to people that live from paycheck to paycheck, although just like people who will buy their cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol at the expense of family needs….there will be the ones who buy it anyway. The people that don’t have to worry about how much money they have, will be the main customer.

  • SevanGrim

    remember, this is a time when people spend 200 bucks on headphones, and 4 somethin on ipads. And 700 to get an unlocked iphone so they can use it on some other 30-80 dollar a month carrier.
    … so its not that over priced.

  • Jairo

    For that price you would think you could afford an iphone 5

  • srle

    What a silly muppet!

    The photos actually look worse than without this completely pointless product: http://i.am/everyone