Gmail 2.0 For iOS Released With Sparrow-Like Features




Around the time that Google bought Sparrow, the Gmail team was given a mission to completely rebuild the Gmail app for iOS. After months of slaving away, the app has just been released on the App Store today and it comes with a number of new features that may have been borrowed from Sparrow, even though insiders such as MG Siegler claim the Sparrow team had nothing to do with the update.

Gmail 2.0 for iPhone and iPad is faster, sleeker and much easier to use. The minimal UI athestetics of Google Now have bled over with some of the popular features from Sparrow. The free update gives users multiple accounts, infinite scrolling inboxes, better search, and more.

Here are the release notes:

– Multiple account support
– App redesigned with a new, cleaner look
– Search predictions as you type
– Infinite scrolling inbox
– Respond to Google Calendar invites inline
– Interactive Google+ posts support
– New welcome experience


Source: iTunes

Via: TNW

  • mikebracco

    Was the app pulled? Showing as no longer available. Lots of people with same issue on Twitter.

  • Kidcosan

    The app has been pulled…

  • benccritchley

    I have it on my mac but not phone yet as im downloading a tonne of genius data.

  • Aaron Renner

    For those who can’t update, but have already “purchased” it, I was able to update by deleting the app, then going to the purchased tab in the App Store and re-downloading it from there.

  • zgx

    it doesn’t autocomplete google apps directory contacts

  • Buster

    Gmail looks great, but does anyone really use it if it’s not baked into the OS?

  • jtdesigns

    Anyone know if it supports iOS notifications????