Apple Manufacturer Foxconn Might Build Plants In U.S. [Rumor]




According to a new rumor, iPhone assembler Foxconn Electronics is discussing plans to build manufacturing plants in the U.S. Possible locations for the new plants include Detroit and Los Angeles, but Foxconn may be conducting evaluations in other cities as well.

Foxconn and Apple have come under fire over the last few years for terrible working conditions in assembly plants. The assembly of the iPhone and iPad being conducted in China rather than the U.S. was even a debate point in the recent presidential election. Bringing manufacturing jobs into the U.S. may help heal Foxconn’s reputation.

It’s unlikely that the plants would manufacture or assemble the iPhone and iPad. Digitimes has reported that the rumored plants would focus on LCD TV production, so unless they’re helping Apple build an iTV, it’s unlikely that the U.S. plants would be linked to Apple.

Foxconn chairman Terry Guo noted at a recent public event that Foxconn is planning a training program for U.S.-based engineers, bringing them to Taiwan and Chine to take part in the design and manufacturing process.


Source: Digitimes

  • FriarNurgle

    Only way this would be feasible is with robots

  • Rowanova

    I’ll believe this after it becomes reality. As an American I’d love for it to be true, but economics don’t favor the idea at all.

  • bdkennedy

    Agree with robots. That’s the only way it would be financially feasible. We have seen with the iPhone 5 that it’s getting too difficult for humans to manufacture. I think the iPhone 5/5S is going to be the last one we see assembled by humans.

  • ematheus

    Nor sure if you guys know but Foxcomm already has plants on US (under other names). Specifically in Houston. they build some Cisco Routers. I had an interview with them and they could not hire me because because I am overqualified (who determine this?). They barely pay above the minimum wage and you have to be stand for long periods of time.