Check Out This Apple Fanboy’s Tattoo Memorial For Steve Jobs [Image]



We’ve seen enough Apple tattoos to last a lifetime. Most of them are terrible, and some are cool, but it’s Steve Jobs Day so why not show off another one?  Here’s one Apple fanboy’s memorial tattoo for Steve Jobs to help “keep him in mind,” which isn’t really our sort of thing, but if you want a permanent reminder about El Jobso, go do your thang.



  • themgrahame

    Wuld be good if he had got a decent tattoo artist. The inkwork is really shoddy.

  • Tim Meesseman

    What a sheep

    Just because he obviously likes Apple products doesn’t mean he likes everything that comes out of their factories. You can have an Apple tattoo and still be objective.

    Calling everyone a sheep kind of makes you a sheep, no?

  • elcasey

    Ha, this is my buddy Adam! Glad you got your five minutes of fame!

  • sbojevets

    Screw you! You made me go get re-addicted to imgur!

  • Dreamonoid
  • MrSarcy

    People with ink are usually idiots anyway, but this takes the cake. Way to give those Android-people some more ammo hope he loses the arm in an accident.