Apple, Ink: The Coolest, Wildest, Weirdest And Most Extreme Apple Tattoos Around [Gallery]


Forever, the face of Apple.
Forever, the face of Apple.
Photo: Jaime De Leon Tud

It’s a slow Friday afternoon, and in browsing through our emails for tips, we stumbled across this incredibly detailed tattoo of Steve Jobs designed by Jaime De Leon Tud of Wildside Tattoo in the Phillippines.

It got us thinking: why not blow off work early and get some Apple-inspired ink? We hit the internet looking for inspiration, and after seeing dozens of images (oftentimes of tattoos still in the process of oozily healing), we remembered that getting ink involves needles and blood, and wimped out.

The whole exercise wasn’t fruitless, though, because in our travels, we came across a number of totally cool, or weird, or sexy, or bizarre, or clever, or just plain hardcore Apple tattoos from members of the Cult of Mac spread around the world. Here’s some of the best of the bunch.

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We don’t know if Casey Meyer’s fiance and Apple fan ever got this incredible series of finger tattoos — the image here was just a test of the design — but we like to think he’s out there some PC user getting his face punched in by this fist.

An adorable Susan Kare designed tattoo on the leg of Stephen Hackett of our favorite dogcow Clarus. Moof!

Don’t piss off Flickr user Burn Black. Rather, do. Rub her the wrong way and she’ll be happy to give you this very retro-style bird, courtesy of the design mavens at Triplesix Tattoo Studio in Sunderland, England.

This “Pirates of Silicon Valley” tattoo was done in special UV ink by Flickr user TheMadApple, and can only be seen under black light.