The iPad Mini Will Probably Look Like This, And It’s Beautiful [Gallery]


Apple is gonna sell an insane amount of these tablets this holiday season.
Apple is gonna sell an insane amount of these tablets this holiday season.

The iPad mini’s rumored announcement is drawing near, with many speculating that Apple will unveil the mythical device by mid-October. We’ve seen a few part leaks of the smaller tablet, and The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Apple is starting to ramp up mass production for the expected launch. Hopefully low yield rates overseas can pick up to meet what will undoubtedly be crazy consumer demand.

Martin Hajek made some strikingly accurate concept designs for the iPhone 5 before it was announced, and now he’s back with Gizmodo for the iPad mini:

These designs look rock solid, and based on the rumor mill, there’s a very good chance Apple’s upcoming tablet will look almost exactly like what Hajek has imagined. Make sure to head over to Gizmodo to check out all of Hajek’s work in glorious high resolution.

Source: Gizmodo

  • Allan Cook

    Learn the difference between “amount” and “number.” Unless Apple will be selling these diminutive iPads by the pound, they will be selling an insane “number” of them.

  • yankeesusa

    The question is, what are the specs and around how much willit cost.

  • bdkennedy

    Merry Christmas! Your iPad Mini is back-ordered until mid-January.

  • TastyGeezer

    Wow . . . it looks just like . . . the new . . . uhmmmm. . . . iPad?

  • technochick

    And when no invites go out on the 10th, no announcement on the 17th or it has nothing to do with the alleged iPad Mini will you stop with the rumors. For life. In fact is this site willingly to back up their faith in these rumors so much that no one will never mention another rumor about anything Apple (hardware, software, policy, Foxconn etc) ever. If it didn’t come from Apple or you can’t back it up with first hand research and valid proof, it stays off this site.

    Of course you won’t. Because you know that you could be totally wrong and this thing is vaporware. And even if you know it’s fake you need all those rumors etc to get you hits because this is really Cult of Page Hits like every other blog