One Thing Apple Maps Does Way Better Than Google Maps [Image]



Apple Maps has taken a lot of heat over the last few weeks for its abysmal performance. The data on Apple Maps is pretty terrible, but there’s no denying it’s one of the prettiest maps apps on available. Case in point, take a look at the detail on Apple’s highway icons on their maps verses that found on Google.

Apple’s icons contain details for each particular state, while Google’s is just a bland icon that’s used for every state highway. Now if Apple Maps could just get their data to be as good as Google Maps they might become everyone’s favorite maps app.


Source: Reddit

  • seaaalex

    Icons on highly inaccurate maps wow … I’d rather have a map I can trust.

  • Cortney Sauk

    I have yet to see ANY inaccuracies on Vancouver Island in Canada…

    For those with issues, take it up with OpenStreetMap. It’s their data that sucks and it makes sense considering it’s open source and very low funded compared to Google Maps.

    Considering what Apple had to work with, they did some amazing things. But it could definitely have been held back from the public a lot longer.

  • pfftsigh

    Another thing is that iOS Maps shows both English names and Chinese characters for everything, whereas Google-powered Maps only shows the English translation.

  • wdowell

    It’s a Map were taking about not a photogtaph. Icons should be harmonised – far easier to read, surely?

  • theonlycog

    A very short sighed article — these ‘pretty’ icons are only relevant in the USA. The rest of the world don’t need driving by pictures! ;-)

    Seriously though, I think this is the least of their problems. Get the core data accurate first then look to raise the bar with such embellishments.

  • marsk

    How can help Apple to improve their map’s data?

  • Henrik Schou Hansen

    I guess you have to be American to really get excited about this

  • carmar

    Maps working perfectly for me in the Orlando area. Vastly superior to my Magellan GPS. Very satisfied.

  • John McLachlan

    Actually, on Google maps any highway on screen has an icon. On Apple maps there could be a highway right across the screen, but you have to scroll to see what highway it is. That needs to be addressed…

  • kavi

    Icons on highly inaccurate maps wow … I’d rather have a map I can trust.

    Ha ha ha, where are they going to find those highways, in the river or sea? Stupid article! Just improve yourself, grow up….

  • Martin Dobson

    First impressions always over look the little things. I definitely used street view very regularly for finding new addresses and businesses. But it’s all these subtle little differences between google maps and Apple Maps that, I feel, others are finally starting to notice. Typical apple though, it’s always the minor details that they pay the most attention to.

    Now, mind you, it isn’t without its faults, but every app has their faults. For a brand new mapping system I’d say that the foundation that they have set is amazing. There is still room for improvement but I feel that they’re heading in the right direction.