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Apple Has Killed The Mac Guy “Genius” Ads For Good



Apple’s controversial “Genius” TV ads have been unofficially killed. While Cupertino hasn’t said anything about the ads, they’ve removed the TV spots from their YouTube channel and the marketing page. Apple stopped airing the ads on television days after they were introduced because of criticism that the ads made Mac users look clueless.

We love the Mac Guy. He wasn’t a great Genius, because Geniuses are supposed to be standing behind the bar helping old ladies fix their broken iPod nano, instead of teaching them how to make birthday announcements in iPhone, but whatever, he was trying.

We’re sure Apple will have a new fabulous ad campaign to roll out in a few weeks once they announce the new iPhone. Anyone wanna guess which celebs they’ll have playing with Siri? David Beckham maybe?

Source: MacRumors