How To Stream DRM-Protected Video From iOS Apps Via AirPlay And HDMI [Jailbreak]


Streaming Mission Impossible from Amazon Instant Video on the iPad to the Apple TV? Yes please!
Streaming Mission Impossible from Amazon Instant Video on the iPad to the Apple TV? Yes please!

There are many premium content services that use DRM to limit where and how you can watch videos. iOS apps like HBOGO, DirecTV, and Amazon Instant Video will all let you watch content on your device, but you’re blocked from streaming via AirPlay or through an HDMI cable. We know, it’s silly. It’s all because of the contacts and licensing deals Hollywood makes with digital distributors.

What if there was a world in which no DRM could keep your content shackled to an iOS device? A new jailbreak tweak makes it possible to stream what you’re watching—no matter what the source—to your TV through the magic of AirPlay.

UnrestrictPremium is a new jailbreak tweak by developer John Coates, maker of other tweaks like Switchy and AssistantLove. Coates explains that UnrestrictPremium adds a “compatibility layer” that tricks certain apps into allowing AirPlay and HDMI mirroring to a TV.

The tweak’s description notes that UnrestrictPremium is compatible with Amazon Instant Video, DirecTV, HBO GO, and MAX GO. UnrestrictPremium requires an iPhone 4S or second/third-gen iPad running iOS 5.1 with AirPlay Mirroring support. You’ll need an adapter to use a wired HDMI connection.

xCon, a free tweak that unblocks premium content apps from not running on jailbroken iOS devices, will be installed with UnrestrictPremium by default in Cydia. (You’ll obviously need to be able to get into the app first before you use AirPlay Mirroring.)

UnrestrictPremium costs $3 in Cydia, and the tweak can be turned on and off in Settings once installed. If you want to do a lot of mirroring from apps like Amazon Instant Video on your jailbroken iOS device, UnrestrictPremium is a no-brainer.

Image: iDownloadBlog