Leaked Photos Of Next iPhone Show Larger Screen And New Backplate [Gallery]


Is this the next iPhone?
Is this the next iPhone?

Rumors surrounding Apple’s next-gen iPhone are started to pick up steam leading up to the device’s rumored release this fall. We know that the sixth iPhone will probably have a 4-inch display, slimmer design, smaller dock connector, and launch before November.

Leaked snapshots of purported next-gen iPhone parts have surfaced in recent months, but nothing as complete and authentic-looking as a series of images published over the weekend.

Originally spotted by Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, these pics come from the repair guys at iLab in Japan. While we’ve seen parts of what could possibly be the new iPhone, iLab’s findings show some of the first fully-assembled shots we’ve seen. Obviously, these “parts” could just be elaborate renders or a prototype, but they do line up with the rumor mill’s predictions.

A new flex cable holds the Home button in place and the speakers and cameras look improved with larger space for sensors (the front-facing camera for FaceTime is repositioned at the center of the device). Obviously, the screen is larger and the micro 19-pin dock is also visible.

Another Japanese blog, Macotakara, has a video of what looks to be the same assembly in action:

Who’s a fan of the metallic backplate?

Source: iLab

Via: 9to5Mac

  • assyrianpride

    Hate the metallic look….they got it Right with the iPhone 4 and it should stay that way. Only the software should be changed over time.

  • Lane Jasper

    Love the metallic look personally.

  • Alex Hazel

    The “Glass Sandwich” design of the 4 and 4S was too easy to break and too much of a hassle. This seems more useful and sturdy while still looking nice. I wonder if that is LiquidMetal’s aluminum backing? http://gizmodo.com/5608322/is-apple-working-on-liquid-metal-terminators-or-what

  • davehiggins1985

    I think it looks sexy & needed to do something about the glass that always broke anyways… Just needs to hurry up & be released as my contracts due as got the iPhone 4 when it first came out & no longer releasing in July!!!

  • Whodakat

    I’ll be surprised if the metallic, two-toned back actually comes to market. It’s certainly not a smooth, attractive look like the 4/4S. It’s not ugly, it’s just very un-apple. It reminds me of the very first iPhone. The 3GS, 4, and the 4S left that look in the dust and I’ll be sad to see them rehash the same old thing.

    One thing keeps sticking in the back of my head. This is the last thing that Steve worked on…he skipped the 4S (and a chance to actually see the final product) to work on a phone that is the same form factor just slightly taller and thinner? Doesn’t make sense to me. I know I can’t expect Apple to reinvent the phone every year, but about 10% of me is holding out hope that Apple is about to blow us away with something we aren’t expecting.

  • Martin Dobson

    To those with the concerns over the glass… I’ve had my 4 since launch day, an otter box case allowed sand/pocket particles to get between it and the glass phone, and now I run a Crimson case that only protects the edges. Slight scratches on the back of my 4, and noticeable rubbings on the aluminium sides from the otter box are the only battle scars my (almost) 2 year old phone has succumb to. What are people doing with their phones to break the screen and back?

    My old iPad2 was accidentally dropped from 2 foot heights in my tool bag on to pavement below a couple times, it had very noticeable dents in the surround, no cracks in the screen. Are people trying to play a round of golf with their phones?

  • ddevito

    That looks awful. I weep for the iSheep

  • Gavin Williams

    I very much doubt that this is what the final iPhone will look like, there are little details that you can see where you kinda say… Apple wouldn’t do that. Like the distance from the bottom of the camera to the brushed metal back plate isn’t the same as from the top to the camera top, it looks messy. The back plate should be a separate piece so that all aspects of the phone’s internal hardware can be serviced easily (i.e. you don’t have to take out the screen and the motherboard to replace the battery).

    And just to add to the obviousness… in the video, the front screen doesn’t show the same camera hole that you see in the photos for the front facing camera…

  • Nick Hansen

    why not go all metal or none at all? Just some metal looks terrible in photos, but who knows? maybe this will look really good in person, and it would almost no doubt be stronger…

  • Shane Bryson

    That looks awful. I weep for the iSheep

    There are TONS of Android phones that look very similar to this. You are a freaking Troll. You comment on this site more than anyone I ever see.

  • Shane Bryson

    This is not the new iPhone.

  • cjschu
  • joewaylo

    Brings a whole new reason to want a case. This thing is fugly.

    They’d be better off making the iPhone an iPod Touch universal design. Metallic silver back, add a speaker grill to the bottom with a microphone to the right.

  • Alfred2612

    I think it looks passable. Not as nice as the 4 and 4S, but the design will change again in a few years anyway.

    I hope that’s not a 16:9 aspect ratio, is it?

  • Bruce Schrock

    i honestly hope this isn’t the actual final prototype. it wouldn’t stop me from getting in but there’s too many lines breaking the phone to be an apple device. This design is going against what apple is doing with their notebook and ipad designs.

  • copperbum

    i don’t really think it’s about the looks of the new iPhone.. the 4 and 4S are pretty good looking devices, so there isn’t much need to update that. The hardware is where it’s at – better cameras, processor etc

  • Alfredopte1

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  • SherylLeee

    I like the idea of the 2-toned back, but I don’t like the way those particular shades come together. Other than that, I think it looks dope… but it doesn’t look Apple-y.

    I hate the way metal on metal sounds though, so if it were real, and I actually bought it, I’d put a case on this. It kills me every time I mistakenly graze my MBP with my ring or bracelet.

  • hellohello

    So many iPhones I have seen with broken screens it’s not funny. Really need to address this issue and catch up with the others.

  • Lars Pallesen

    why not go all metal or none at all? Just some metal looks terrible in photos, but who knows? maybe this will look really good in person, and it would almost no doubt be stronger…

    An all metal casing would effectively shield the device from radio signal penetration, creating a so-called Farraday cage, meaning it would be near impossible for radio signals to either enter or exit the handset. Not exactly a “feature” you’d want in your iPhone. :-)

    The 3G/LTE iPads have a black plastic strip on their aluminum backs for that very reason.

  • Lars Pallesen

    This is not the new iPhone.

    True. It’s only the case of the new iPhone :-)

  • Lars Pallesen

    The back plate should be a separate piece so that all aspects of the phone’s internal hardware can be serviced easily

    Yeah, because that’s always been Apple’s number one priority when designing new devices, right? To make them as accessible and easy to service as possible? ;-)

    Check out iFixit’s teardown of the new iPad and then ask yourself again: Would Apple avoid a new design just because it makes it hard for the user to open and service it?