TigerText With Dropbox Offers Secure Multiplatform Messaging And File Sharing


TigerText now offers secure file sharing as well as secure messaging thanks to Dropbox.
TigerText now offers secure file sharing as well as secure messaging thanks to Dropbox.

Email and messaging continue to be core business requirements for mobile professionals. Business messaging can also present a mobile security challenges. Ensuring communications sent over a carrier network or Wi-Fi are secure and only read by intended recipients is sensible for any company. In certain industries, secure messaging is required by law or regulation.

There are a range of ways to ensure secure messaging. One of which is TigerText, a multi-platform solution for secure messaging that meets industry-specific security and privacy require like HIPAA in the healthcare industry or SOX compliance in business/finance. TigerText offers more than just secure texting, however. The platform also includes group messaging and the ability to recall messages after they’ve been sent.

As of today, it also include Dropbox integration. That allows users to not only exchange messages securely, but also to share files securely with some attractive business and security features.

When sharing documents from Dropbox, TigerText users have the ability to set a lifespan for the message and any Dropbox attachments – essentially telling the message and attached document(s) to self-destruct after a given date like the deadline for a project.

Users can also use TigerText’s recall feature to revoke a document at any time – a feature that has a lot of potential for business. If an employee is terminated or a company fires a consulting firm, then any messages and files shared using TigerText can be recalled without needing to wipe the device. That’s a plus when it comes to employee devices but it’s an incredible feature for outside consultants and contractors where wiping a device is probably not an option.

TigerText can also prevent users from copying, downloading, or forwarding messages with attached files.

Those are big advantages over using secured email measures like VPN for access while outside the corporate firewall or securing connections using digital signatures. Another advantage is that TigerText is a multi-platform alternative to other secure messaging platforms like Apple’s iMessage and RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger (both of which are single-platform tools).

TigerText with Dropbox offers a range of uses beyond exchanging secure business information. Some of those including delivering tickets for events, sending single use or limited time passwords, and sharing confidential information like social security or credit card numbers.

Users of TigerText’s iOS app should have immediate access to their Dropbox accounts. Android and BlackBerry users should have the ability some “in the coming weeks.”

Source: TigerText

Via: TechCrunch

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