This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Chrome, Weather Neue, Analytiks & More [Roundup]


Google Chrome finally came to iOS.
Google Chrome finally came to iOS.
  • JGA23

    I just released an app called Jotbox. It’s great for emailing yourself notes and reminders. I think it should be on this list (I might be a little biased)

  • Floris

    From the above list, Chrome would be my choice. But at the moment it wouldn’t replace Safari.

  • Billy Hegedus

    Love the Weather Neue app, thanks for mentioning it. Probably never would have heard of it otherwise.

  • bradsterling123

    Love Weather Neue’s simplicity and play LETGO for the same reason

  • rickymit

    I tried Chrome before and again recently, on my MacBook. But it had the same problem as before – it kept hanging up – worse than Firefox or IE before that. I’m trying Maxthon on my Kindle Fire, but Safari is pretty hard to beat!