iTunes TuneUp Bundle Only $30! [Last chance!]



I’m willing to bet that your iTunes library is a mess. You ripped CDs from your collection and you’ve got a lot songs that are labeled: “Track 3” from “Unknown Artist.” And I don’t even want to get into cover art.

Today is the day to make a stand. Today is the day you decide that you will not have an iTunes library you’re embarrassed to show your friends (sorry it can’t help with that Yanni collectors edition you have stashed away). Today is the day you fix your iTunes library with TuneUp.

Today’s deal is is for one of the top iTunes plugins and you can get it now for just $30.

Keep your iTunes Clean!

Tired of scrolling through 200 songs titled “Track 1” while looking for that song someone gave you on a burned CD three years ago? Does it bother you that R. Kelly’s name doesn’t appear as the artist when “Ignition Remix” comes on?

TuneUp Transforms Your Music Collection. Automagically.™

TuneUp Media’s music cleanup app hooks up with iTunes to organize and categorize your music from top to bottom.

Now for a very limited time you can get this cure for your iTunes library for ONLY $30!

If you read around you’ll find that this in the BEST plugin in the industry and that you’ll have your iTunes cleaned up in no time!

Get this deal while the getting is good! Your iTunes library will thank you.

  • Flyphoenix

    I cleaned up my whole iTunes library for free.

  • pduarte

    TuneUp deal link not working very well. It routes you to TuneUp Media’s page but with a $49.00 deal

  • dealspam

    I’m sorry, this app just didn’t work for me. For me it had two huge problems.

    1. It didn’t match albums properly. It would have two versions of the same album and 5 songs would be in one version and 6 in the other. This seems like a super easy thing to fix, but they never managed to and never improved it. This forced me to review every thing that they changed.

    2. It did everything very very very slowly. (just look around for comments about slow tuneup.) Scanning took way way more time than the 1-2 seconds per song and then applying took even longer, this was all done with very high CPU usage (on a quad core iMac), rendering the machine pretty much useless.

  • northshorenerd

    $30! That’s amazing! I should buy that! I’m embarassed by my iTunes library!

  • Lyndon Green

    I also have a very well organised iTunes library, at no cost whatsoever. I get my artwork from Rate Your Music.

  • lowtolerance

    TuneUp is one of the worst companies I’ve ever dealt with. I purchased a one-year license a couple years ago, under the impression that I would receive free updates on the program for that year. A couple of weeks later, they came out with a new version that included new functionality and wanted to charge me more money for access to it.

    This company doesn’t give a damn about its customers, and its products don’t work that well, anyway. This is a definite DO NOT BUY.

  • annoyedchris1

    Tuneup screwed up my library big time …. I had it in pretty good shape and should not have bought this. It didn’t recognize half my library and the one’s it thought it did it totally screwed up. I would say 1/3 of my library has to be fixed again manually. Total waste of time. I hardly ever complain but this program is an unmitigated disaster. Should be 1.99 and I would still be unhappy

  • cdphillips1

    TuneUp is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever used. It completely screwed up my music library and I still haven’t recovered from the mess. I have missing and renamed songs and completely wrong cover art. I’ve had to manually fix much of my library and since the program renamed songs, I have to listen to much of my library to determine what the song is. DON’T USE THE TERRIBLE PRODUCT!!!!