Watch All The Highlights Of Tim Cook’s D10 Interview In This 17-Minute Video


We have yet to see a full video of Tim Cook’s interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at last night’s D10, but this 17-minute video contains most of the highlights, including Tim Cook talking about how Apple names products, what Apple has planned for Siri in the coming months, Tim Cook talking about possible future Facebook integration, what’s coming up for the Apple TV, and why Apple thinks patents are a huge pain in the ass.

  • Chris Gray

    Tim handled himself quite well… thought about what he needed to say, picked his words carefully and showed a bit more passion.  Walt on the other hand was annoying and juvenile. <eyes roll/>

  • Markus Strömberg Thuresson

    Boring as f**k to listen to… Yeah, Apple, the iPhone 4S is great and Siri is awesome, but she does not even understand 10 languages… Come on already. 

  • macowling

    Just watched this video on the AllThingsD website and it doesn’t contain all the items you mention John. It doesn’t have the bit about product naming, or the part about Facebook. You might want to update your description.