Tim Cook Hints At Future Facebook Integration In iOS



Apple and Facebook have had a rocky relationship since the two failed to reach an agreement on Ping integration and implementing Facebook in iOS 5 last summer. Things are starting to look up for the two Silicon Valley giants under the new direction of Apple CEO Tim Cook.

At the D10 conference today Cook hinted that his company is working with Facebook to provide direct integration with iOS devices in the near future.

When asked if Apple is working with Facebook, Cook repeatedly said to “stay tuned.” He assured that, “The relationship is solid.”

“Just because you have different views doesn’t mean you can’t work together,” said Cook. “We want to provide customers simple, elegant ways to do the things they want to do. Facebook has hundreds of millions of customers and anyone with iPhone or iPad wants to have the best experience with Facebook on any device. So stay tuned.”

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 6 to developers at WWDC in a couple weeks.

Source: AllThingsD