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3 responses to “googlephone2”

  1. CraigHeile says:

    The manner in which the Apple-Samsung legal dispute is resolved could be the first real indication of how much of Steve Jobs’ most strongly held convictions are resident in Tim Cook’s soul. Painful thoughts of what might have been could be substantially eased by the torrential IPhone profits currently deluging Apple, but that would never have assuaged the fire within Jobs. I wonder (with no professional perspective on the subject) if the industry wide adoption of the FaceTime standard is not hindered by the resulting diminished market penetration of the IPhone.

  2. ApplePr0n says:

    Omg, believe it or not, thats even uglier than a current Android phone haha

  3. CraigHeile says:

    Previous comment posted here by mistake – I feel like a dumbass on my first post.

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