Audio Cubes: Cute Little Pocket-Sized Speakers For Your iPhone


The Audio Cube really is a go-anywhere Bluetooth speaker

Way back in the dark days of the 1990s, when smartphones had styluses and mobile apps were made from Java, I yearned for a way to stream music from my Sony Ericsson P900 to my stereo via Bluetooth. At the time, it was impossible.

Fast forward to the present day (by drilling down through several hard-to-navigate menus and hitting the tiny “skip” button with the tip of the stylus) and there is an embarrassment of choice. These days I’d rather pick up my JamBox and carry it into the living room rather than fire up the proper stereo that’s already in there.

Joining this wealth of wirelessness is the Audio Cube from Satechi, an inexpensive, pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker with all of the features you’d expect.

The [Audio Cube][satechi] is a cute little box with a pair of 2-watt speakers inside, powered by a rechargeable li-ion battery (with up to six hours of playback time). It’ll connect to just about everything, and you can control playback with buttons mounted on the top of the speaker (take *that*, JamBox!).

Should your stereo equipment be lacking wireless transmission, you can use an old-fashioned 3.5mm jack instead. Either way, you get a decently loud speaker in a truly pocket-sized package. The price? A mere $45.

[Thanks, Valerie!]


  • mr_bee

    Looks like a good speaker.

    If the manufacturer is reading this however … the reason I as a consumer would not buy this, is the weird, weird, choice to put giant ugly logos all over it! WTF?

    The Bluetooth thing on the front and especially the Satechi logo on the top make this a non-starter for me. Who wants to look at bright blue brand logos every day for the next few years whenever you are listening to music?

  • ApplePr0n

    Haha it looks kinda cool. But I agree, nassstay logos

  • zzooMac

    Main point for those who need to glance and dash:
    We have gained convenience, and access, but we also have lost some quality in our music reproduction.

    I think I would prefer to listen to even mediocre headphones instead of Dixie Cup speakers.:
    When someone says that they go into a room with a stereo system and would rather listen to a handheld speaker, that suggests a couple of things:
    1. the stereo system may not be very good
    2. the listener may not appreciate quality music reproduction
    3. the listener may value convenience over quality
    4. the listener is a fad-boy

    I have a bunch of modern musico-gizmology which I use and enjoy, but I don’t loose sight of the fact that this is but a facsimile of what our tech is actually capable of. Some of you know some guy who buys vinyl and has big speakers, right?