Online Pre-Orders For The New iPad Now Live


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Apple has made the new iPad available for pre-order on its online store. As Phil Schiller noted during today’s keynote, the tablet will become available in stores on Friday, March 16th, with international availability occurring the following week.

The new iPad starts at $499 and features many new features, including a Retina display and 4G LTE networking.

The pre-order process is basically the same as it has been for previous Apple products. You select your model, whether you want a 4G flavor, and buy.

Apple’s site is getting hammered right now, so it may be awhile before you can actually get through to make your purchase. We’ll keep you updated as the bottleneck loosens. In the meantime, let us know if you have any luck in the comments!

  • Mike Lee

    no it is not up yet

  • Victoria

    Me thinks it crashed, cuz it was up, kinda.

  • Doug Larson

    It was up for about 30 seconds, then crashed. Is down again.

  • Jermaine McGill

    I had it in my cart then it crashed. 

  • Jason Twinkletoes Marsell

    I got all the way through to the “Pick Your Accessories” screen.  Then boom.

  • gennatay

    me too. got to the accessories screen and then it went down again

  • jfu222

    this is going to be a long second half to the day ;) 

  • Aaron Renner

    I’m still getting the yellow sticky…

  • Jim Burns

    On hold with sales. 20 min and counting.

  • Aaron

    The store is down, they are getting hammered by Chinese IP addresses they are trying to block them before they bring the store back up. These things will sell for 5x as much in China. 

  • David Emery

    I got to accessories too…then back to the sticky.

  • Barry Dancer

    I was halfway through my order (after having to wait 15 minutes to get that far) when it went down and booted me.

  • kernel610

    anyone have any luck calling the phone number to order?

  • Alistair Laughland

    I’m unable to get into the preorder website however it did appear soon after it launched but never got any further.

  • Cailen LeTigre

    i called the phone number and they said they couldn’t do any orders until the maintenance was done and that it could be a few hours.

  • Jermaine McGill

    Can’t go wrong with apple, but you would think they would be prepared for an overwhelming event like online pre orders. I’m sure the site will go back up soon.

  • Anthony

    I clicked on “Check Out Now”, but i’m still waiting…

    Edit: MY ORDER IS IN!!!!

    Finally got my order number and everything. I can finally go to the gym now…

    Edit 2:No email yet and no charge on my card, but it’s still showing as processing when i check in the order status. hopefully it goes through…

  • Meredith

    yeah i was thinking the exact same thing. You would think they would know “hey we’re are releasing a product that people have wanted for over a year now….we should probably make sure we can handle it….” oh well i can’t even update my phone to iOS 5.1 either =[[[ the day apple introduces something new is the day everything apple stops working

  • Cailen LeTigre

    My order just went in 5 minutes ago finally. Takes a few minutes to get the email confirming. Check your credit card statement if you can to see if pending.

  • Baby Signs, Inc.

    Just successfully got through the whole ordering process (using Chrome on a PC) and have an order #!

  • Adrian Mannella

    I was able to complete an order using Firefox for Mac. (Safari wouldn’t load the page.) Seconds after the “Thank You” page appeared with my order number, I received an email telling me my card had been charged for the iPad + Cupertino sales tax.

  • Meredith Rockwell

    Got it! I hope.  I think.  I have a confirmation number, nonetheless.

  • Parimal Rana


  • Jermaine McGill

    online nor the app store isn’t working for me still

  • nschultz

    12:55 PST…just got one!

  • Anthony

    Anyone able to do in store pickup yet though?

  • Meredith

    how is everyone getting them pre ordered? when i try on it just takes me straight to sticky and on my phone it says “can’t connect to apple store”….im jealous

  • Devon Connelly

    Keep getting an error :(

  • Devon Connelly

    now store is down again…grrrr

  • Cailen LeTigre

    I don’t think you can do store pickup for a pre-order item like the iPads and iPhones. These are the ones that are scheduled to be delivered the day they go on sale in brick and mortar apple store where you would have to wait in an obscene line.

  • Anthony

    Hmm, but they did it for the iphone 4. there were two lines, 1 for people who reserved them and 1 for people who didn’t. I was hoping for the same thing this time but I guess not. Bummer.

  • Ian M Love

    I had the instore pickup option then it dissapeared, then it crashed, then it ccame back, then it said not available, crashed, and came back…so to answer your qiestion i dont even know

  • rockarollr

    Can a pre-order be placed for pick up in-store (at the local Apple Store) on launch day? Or is it for delivery to your home or business only?

  • Christopher

    Persistence pays off!!  After multiple crashes on my desktop, iPhone (using both Safari and Apple Store App) I finally got all the way through with an order number.  About 15 minutes later I got the confirmation email.  Delivery for the 16th!!  Can’t wait!

  • tornacious

    TIP: order using Safari browser on your iPad. The process goes through really fast. I ordered a black 64GB ATT-LTE model. It took all of 2 minutes to complete the order. This after I tried for 20 minutes on my Windows PC with many browser windows open, all very slow and timing out. Try it now!!!

  • Kalyanaraman

    pre-ordered just before the website went down again. Got order number but no order confirmation email and do not see hold on CC

  • Aaron Johnson

    got mine!

  • Aaron Johnson

    Does anyone know if youll actually get the iPad on the 16th or do they ship then? I’ve never pre-ordered before..

  • rockarollr

     Thanks for the tip! This is actually what worked for me when nothing else would. My new iPad order has been placed, I’ve received my confirmation email and it should arrive on the 16th! I’m actually excited and just know this is going to be the longest 9 days ever!

  • rockarollr

     The iPad will actually be delivered (you’ll get it) on the 16th. There have been some instances of people pre-ordering an Apple device and actually getting it a day or two early. Of course, that is not the norm, but it *could* happen!

  • Margy Linn-Berg

    I kept getting knocked out and reconnecting and backing up but after sticking with it for an hour, I got my order through and already received the confirmation.  Wahoo!  Since I never did buy the IPad or Ipad 2, and only have the Iphone 4, this is really exciting to me.

  • Nicholas Lattimore

    I kept on getting the yelow sticky off theApple site but got inot the store from a link in a story on the site.  (got that via google search of iPad pre-order)  several fits and starts, but the order is complete.  Whew!

  • Nicholas Lattimore

    I got through after a 20 minute wait and was told to go to the Apple Store web site.  The guy seemed oblivious to the fact that the web site was out of service