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Apple Planning New Smart Cover For iPad 3, Sticking With Glass Back For iPhone 5 [Rumor]


Incase's Convertible Magazine Jacket for iPad
Incase's Convertible Magazine Jacket for iPad

Alleged iPad 3 part leaks have revealed that the magnetized Smart Cover will work on the upcoming tablet, but Apple is still set to introduce an enhanced cover for the iPad 3, according to a new report. Citing a “repeatedly reliable source,” iLounge says that a new Smart Cover with a fiberglass back is coming.

On top of that, the report contradicts previous rumors saying the sixth-gen iPhone will feature an aluminum casing. Instead, Apple is said to be implementing Gorilla Glass 2 material for the next iPhone’s exterior design.

Apple apparently has been working on a Smart Cover-influenced case of its own for the upcoming iPad. Said to be similar to Incase’s Magazine Jacket (and a host of subsequent alternatives that have appeared for the iPad 2), this new case has a folding magnetized Smart Cover on the front, and a rear shell made from fiberglass covered with PU/bicast leather. It’s unclear whether this case will be solely for the thicker new iPad or include backwards compatibility for the iPad 2.

This rumor should be taken with a healthy does of skepticism, as Apple originally introduced the Smart Cover by saying, “iPad 2 is thin, sleek, and flat-out amazing. So why hide it in a bulky case?” Incase’s Magazine Jacket isn’t as minimal in appearance, but there could be a reason that Apple wants to provide more protection for the iPad 3. iLounge has a fairly reliable track record, so there’s a chance we’ll see such a product come Wednesday.

In terms of the iPhone 5 rumor mill, iLounge throws a wrench in the widespread consensus that Apple will introduce an aluminum iPhone later this year. According to the site’s source, Apple is “continuing to experiment with glass and ceramic rear shells for a future iPhone model.” The new design would be thinner than the current iPhone and use Corning’s Gorilla glass for reinforced durability.

Interestingly, iLounge also corroborates a recent report from iMore saying Apple is working to discontinue the 30-pin dock connector in the “near future.” A larger screen is also “on the cards” for the iPhone 5.