Apple Gearing Up To Employ “Micro Dock” Connectors In Future iOS Devices [Rumor]



While the majority of mobile devices now ship with micro USB connectors, Apple has remained dedicated to its 30-pin dock connector. But that could be about to change, with sources claiming future iOS devices will employ a “micro dock” that will be significantly than the existing connector.

iMore cites a “solid source” that claims Apple will adopt a more compact dock connector for future iOS devices that will allow the company to make room for “more important components,” such as bigger batteries or LTE chips:

We’ve heard that Apple is getting ready to ditch the dock connector as it’s currently sized and implemented on iPods, iPhones, and iPads. The reason isn’t anything political, like a new desire to conform to an outdated micro-USB standard, but typically Apple: to save space inside the iPhone 5 for what are now more important components.

While its current 30-pin solution isn’t huge, it is larger than rivals like micro USB, and could prevent iOS devices from becoming smaller and thinner in future. Take the latest iPod nano, for example. If it got any thinner, a 30-pin dock connector simply wouldn’t fit in the device.

Of course, the only problem with this is that there is a huge ecosystem of third-party accessories for our iOS devices that use the 30-pin connector to connect to our iOS devices. As soon as Apple employs a new connector, all of those add-ons we’ve purchased throughout the years become defunct.

  • Ed_Kel

    They wouldn’t come defunct for quite some time if at all given that iDevices that utilize the 30 pin connector will be selling for years to come. I suspect that this will have no affect on the accessory market and aside, I’m sure Apple will supply adapters…

  • ddevito

    just more money to waste on chargers and docks. I guess $100B isn’t enough. Why don’t they invest some of that crazy cash and develop wireless charging?

  • 3xtraction

    ” with sources claiming that future iOS devices will employ a “micro
    dock” that will be significantly [smaller] than the existing connector.”  I think you are missing a word after “significantly”.

  • joewaylo

    Aren’t they supposed to be working on the Micro/Mini USB standardization mandate put in place by the government? This doesn’t seem to be following their requirement.

  • °o0o°

    Yes I also read that. He missed one full word if it was the word “smaller” or three words in case he wanted to use “less in size”. I guess we’ll never know :)

  • °o0o°

    Wireless charging would be great, then they could develop an iDevice with no holes or open ports at all (provided that head phones will then also being used over wireless) hence… making it absolutely water proof and therefore more stable since it would be less damageable by rain, water and most of all dust under the display

  • Figurative

    Too bad it doesn’t meet Apple’s requirements.  The LAST thing I want is to have any government telling Apple (or others) how to design a phone.

  • RyanTV

    Par for the course on this site. The writing is consistently terrible. It’s like not one of the writers actually re-reads anything they write before they hit the post button.

  • Keith Page

    This is by far the best proposition I’ve seen out of apple for thinner and wear resistant head phones. As anyone who’s had a device for more then a year or two knows the head phone jack needs some serious work. Doesn’t matter if it’s apple or motorola or samsung device, after a while the you just CAN’T get a good connection because of the wear and tear of that port spinning in it’s connection.

  • Ed_Kel

    Why don’t Android device makers invest some cash and create a phone that isn’t made of plastic?


  • ddevito

    funny. ’cause when I drop my phone it’s fine.

    When you drop your iPhone it shatters

  • Ed_Kel

    Ever owned an iPhone? I’ve dropped my phone plenty of times and haven’t experienced one shatter. Glass and aluminum are stronger than you think. But that’s besides the point of my comment. Apple is a company that constantly evolves their product line (unlike Samsung – constantly obsoleting their product line) and replacing the 30 pin connector opens a plethora of possibilities for the future. Some may consider that an investment don’t ya think?

    There are plenty of patents floating around out there showing that Apple is exploring the possibility of inductive charging so your first comment was debunked before you even wrote it. Another fandroid getting lazy with their arguments.

  • ddevito

    Just because there’s a patent for it means absolutely nothing. (Touchscreen Mac anyone?). 

    And besides, inductive charging would be a gold standard globally, unlike the 30 pin connector now, particularly in Europe. 

  • EugenioRicca

    Gorilla Glass and Stainless Steel

  • SupaMac

    poorly written article

  • Ed_Kel

    Quite the contrary, Patents solidify rights to ideas. If one has an idea, then they must be exploring the possibility of said idea. Touch screen Macs were pursued but never came to fruition because Jobs felt it wasn’t natural to hold your hand up to a monitor. Even your thought process is getting lazy. Go home before you hurt yourself.

  • SupaMac

    Poorly written article..

    Needs to be proofed and several sentences need to br rewritten.

  • ddevito

    Yeah, because ‘slide to unlock’ is such a novel idea that it needed to be patented. 

    If that’s the case then the creator of the public restroom should have patents slide to unlock for stall doors. 

  • ddevito

    spend more time thinking about your technical facts then insulting people, because neither are effective.

  • ddevito

    then it’s poor design, not the materials. I know tons of folks that had to replace their glass covers because of how fragile it is.

  • Ed_Kel

    Well, nothing is effective when arguing with someone that keeps changing the subject. We were talking about dock connectors, not slide to unlock; and i believe the patent you’re referring to is the ability to interact with your phone using gestures, an idea that revolutionized the way we interact with touch devices and is very much worth patenting.

    Aren’t you the one that loves to call iOS users iSheep? You can dish it, but can’t take it? Poor baby.

  • waynerod

    Yeah. But it could also be be 2 words – “more compact” ;)