Video Shows What The iPad 3 Looks Like When Assembled




Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a truck load of individual leaked parts of the iPad 3 hit the web, but no one has had them all in one place. Someone finally got their hands on both the front and rear shells of the iPad 3 and put them together on video to reveal that what the iPad 3 will look like.


Surprise! It looks pretty similar to the iPad 2, just slightly thicker. The iPad 2 SmartCovers still work on the iPad 3, but there’s some additional edge tapering on the iPad 3 model which may prevent some iPad 2 cases from fitting the iPad 3 properly. The video also reveals that the iPad 3 does have a home button despite wide-spread speculation that it wouldn’t.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad 3 on March 7th at an event in San Francisco. To find out all about which features we think will be included in the iPad 3, check out our Rumor Roundup article, or you can listen to the latest episode of the CultCast to hear us discussing the rumors.




[via MIC Gadget]

  • antoshka_t

    i guess it will be called ipad 2s

  • Louie Schuth

    That music wasn’t annoying at all.

  • __a_b

    I find it kind of sad that I won’t be surprised by the keynote… Or will I?

  • Matt Johnson

    How are you to say all of that stuff is actually the real iPad 3? Or whatever it’s gonna be called. Let’s be honest, Apple is a huge company that really values the surprises that their events bring to their followers. Do you really think they would just let the parts leak like that? I think that the announcement is going to be much bigger than this. It looks exactly like the iPad 2. Apple wouldn’t be this excited for that.

  • Shravan Gupta

    its happened several times in the past.

  • prof_peabody

    nice to see the parts and so on but … what a horrible video.  

    they seem mostly interested in promoting case designs. 

  • Andy Murdock

    I could care less about the form factor of the next iPad looking like the iPad2, this is a great design that works well for my needs. I’m more excited about what’s inside and the quality of the screen. 

  • prof_peabody

    The announcement will be “big” but the *interesting* thing they will be talking about the next day will be the new AppleTV not the iPad.  

    Then a week or so later we will start to see those articles that go, “You know, the iPad 3 announcement was kinda boring but this is actually a great device …” etc., and then list off the fabulous sales and so forth. 

    I don’t think it will be called “iPad 2s” but it will totally be an iPad 2s kind of product.  Ho-hum when released, but amazing sales and great device all the same. 

  • sir1jaguar

    Rabid imoron fan will say:

    If APPLE didn’t change the outside or even inside – ITS OK BECAUSE PEOPLE STILL BUYING AND LIKE IT.

    If APPLE change the outside or inside – APPLE IS FIRST AGAIN AND INNOVATOR…

    Anyhow, istupid will praise, APPLE..

  • Buster

    Leaks always happen before a new product is announced because, like you said, Apple is a huge company. And Apple events are rarely filled with surprises.

  • vistarox

    That music was so groovy baby. I shagged my first girl to that song.

  • Tron Caldwell

    -Quad Core processor
    -2048 x 1536 display
    -Upgraded cameras 
    -Siri (maybe) 

    and it still needs to have a new casing to be relevant?

  • Demonstr8r

    Wednesday Wednesday, so good to me,
    Wednesday Wednesday, it was all I hoped it would be,
    Oh Wednesday morning, Wednesday morning could guarantee,
    That soon I’d have my new iPad 3 here with me!

    Wednesday Wednesday, can’t wait for that day,
    Wednesday Wednesday, I just hope it turns out that way,
    Oh Wednesday morning, you gave me rumors of what was to be,
    Oh Wednesday Wednesday, can’t wait to see the iPad 3,

    Every other day, every other day,
    Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
    But when Wednesday comes, but when Wednesday comes,
    You will find me smiling all of the time!

  • CharliK

    ” but it will totally be an iPad 2s kind of product. “

    So did you get your info from Tim Cook or Jonny Ive? Neither right. So how can you state in a tone of fact that this will be an iPad 2s, ho-hum etc. 

    And please tell us what Apple didn’t do that they should have to make this a ‘real’ upgrade worth of your approval. 

  • CharliK

    A very poorly done video that shows us nada since we have zero proof that those really are iPad 3 parts, in matter what the hit foddering headline says. 

    That said I do believe that Apple isn’t making any radical design changes cause the current form ain’t broke 

  • ZeeKazim

    That’s what matters for droid-trolls :)

  • ZeeKazim

    That’s what matters for droid-trolls :)

  • YellowstoneRocks

    Apples biggest problem going into the future is pleasing its fan base that has unrealistic expectations. Apple is about to release a product that will raise the resolution of mobile devices to unheard of levels that exceed HD TV, most desktops and laptops its an incredible innovation that will change the digital world we know. Yet, everyone is complaining for more.

  • epiccolotto

    I really hope that this would be a fake video. I truly hope that they are going to release something better than an iPad2 upgrade!

  • prof_peabody

    The information is in the media, there is more info leaked (and confirmed), about this upcoming product than pretty much *any* previous Apple product.  

    If you are seriously doubting that we already know a substantial amount of information about the size, shape, capabilities, general appearance and capabilities of the next iPad, then you must have some kind of brain problem and I can’t help you.  

    I mean come on … you are commenting on an article that has a video of almost the entire finished product assembled in front of you.  

    Also, I never said this wasn’t a “real upgrade.”  Just the obvious which is that it’s a spec upgrade on the iPad 2 form factor (which it is).  

  • CharliK

    And because it keeps the same form factor that makes it worth the derisive of being called an iPad 2s and ‘ho-hum’ rather than being treated like a unique item. 

    Okay, so now your terms of measurement are clear. As is your opinion. If it doesn’t have some radical unique physical design it isn’t a true upgrade. 

  • CharliK

    Wednesday will just be the day they tease you. So not really a great day. 

    Now, Saturday, well that could be a different day. If you believe the rumors that they are going to launch a new Apple TV box with the iPad 3 then Saturday could be your favorite day because if you try to buy an Apple TV with in store pickup right now that is the day it is said to be available. And they could actually mean the new one. 

  • CharliK

    Not really. Because 95% of the buyers have no clue about all these rumors. They don’t even know about the event. 

  • CharliK

    Another one. So if they don’t announce that it is not 16:9 with edge to edge, a carbon fiber back etc as well as any updated specs then it’s not a worthy upgrade. Just a pathetic ‘s’  crap toy. Is that your game. 

    If so, then don’t torture yourself with such an inadequate item. Leave it for someone else to buy. 

  • Rachel Wynkoop

    I really like the music. 

  • prof_peabody

    I think you’re just playing the fool and putting words in my mouth I didn’t say just so you can claim to be righteous or something.  

    I said it would be *received* (critically) by a “Ho-Hum” not that I personally thought it was ho-hum product and that it was “a spec upgrade on the iPad 2 form factor,” which it is.  

    Your English comprehension seems to be quite low, so I won’t press it anymore.  It seems like you just can’t understand what I’m saying.  

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    That song is what made the video!!!

  • CharliK

    Oh I speak and understand English very well. You presume to say how others will measure this release based on what. Clearly your own definition of what is ho-hum and worthy of being received poorly. 

    That you are so egotistic as to put words in others mouths based on your criteria of how they should and will rate something is truly ironic when you try to slam me for putting words in yours. 

  • Boris

    Sharpening device’s edges is a very stupid idea. Since iPad 2.

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  • ClickMe

    This will be a ground breaking device, again. 

  • ClickMe

    Where’s ddevito to tell everyone how many they won’t sell? lol

  • jfc123

    Mabey apple purposely leaked the parts to throw the media off track

  • CharliK

    yes, Apple may be turning a blind eye to the leak because it confirms the lack of changes and doesn’t reveal any of the new stuff. 

  • ??nD ??os??A

    Miami Vice called and they want their sound track back. 

  • Mike Rathjen

    “but it will totally be an iPad 2s kind of product”

    The retina display has 4 times the number of pixels. That screen has more pixels than the vast majority of desktop monitors. That single change itself without any other improvements is a HUGE change to me. I don’t think most people would consider a retina display iPad3 to be a simple “speed bump” like a “2s kind of product”.

    In fact, the only reason I did not buy an iPad2 is that it didn’t come with the rumored retina display.

  • Radtech51

    Calling it the iPad 3gs makes sense to me, since it will most likely be running on a 3g network with Siri. However following the same logic the next iPhone will be probably be the iPhone 4gs because it will most likely be running on a 4g network with Siri. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  • Mike Scotch

     Having been a long time android/iOS developer I can easily say that APPLE was NOT THE FIRST- they were JUST THE BEST at almost everything that they have done with their iDevices. 8 months ago I stopped deving for Android because there OS is a piece of total shit.

  • epiccolotto

    Actually I hope for some edits that can make a real difference. For example an SD reader, or a reduction of the actual size.

    Anyway don’t worry, I’m not torturing myself on buying it.