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Video Shows What The iPad 3 Looks Like When Assembled




Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a truck load of individual leaked parts of the iPad 3 hit the web, but no one has had them all in one place. Someone finally got their hands on both the front and rear shells of the iPad 3 and put them together on video to reveal that what the iPad 3 will look like.


Surprise! It looks pretty similar to the iPad 2, just slightly thicker. The iPad 2 SmartCovers still work on the iPad 3, but there’s some additional edge tapering on the iPad 3 model which may prevent some iPad 2 cases from fitting the iPad 3 properly. The video also reveals that the iPad 3 does have a home button despite wide-spread speculation that it wouldn’t.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad 3 on March 7th at an event in San Francisco. To find out all about which features we think will be included in the iPad 3, check out our Rumor Roundup article, or you can listen to the latest episode of the CultCast to hear us discussing the rumors.




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