Devium Dash Transforms Your iPhone Into Your Car’s Stereo System



Decent in-dash stereo systems aren’t just expensive, they make you a target for a break-in… and why even bother with one when your iPhone can do everything a stereo dash can do, and a lot more besides?

Exactly, say the makers of Devium Dash, a new project up on Kickstarter. Instead of some expensive in-dash system that doesn’t do as much as your iDevice, why don’t you just slap your iPhone into the dash when you start driving instead?

Made out of machined aluminum, the Devium Dash is a kit that will replace your car’s stereo and allow an iPhone or iPod touch to act as the vehicle’s sound system. Right now, the system can fit an iPhone 4 series device with or without bumper, and by the time it’s released, the Devium Dash makers promise it’ll be able to fit a lot of other smartphones besides.

Instead each Devium Dash you’ll find subwoofer output, video out to external displays, an FM tuner and will even eventually allow you to place and receive phone calls with your iPhone in landscape mode.

Interested? Devium Dash is about halfway to its funding goal right now, and all you need to do is kick in $250 to get yourself a Devium Dash when they are released in June.