Make Your Mouse Cursor Bigger [OS X Tips]



Here’s a basic but essential trick that Windows users take for granted—making the mouse cursor bigger, which can help on larger screens of if you simply prefer it that way.

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Migrating Windows users using OS X might recall being able to change the type and size of the mouse pointer within Microsoft’s products. Apple doesn’t allow users to change the design of the mouse pointers, but you can make them bigger. This is intended to help those with limited eyesight, but it can be very useful for the rest of us too!

You’ll find the setting within the Universal Access pane of System Preferences (Apple menu->System Preferences). Click the Mouse & Trackpad tab and then click and drag the Cursor Size slider. The changes will take effect immediately, so choose a size you’re happy with.

Alas, it’s not perfect—the existing small mouse cursors are simply magnified to make them larger, leaving them looking a little blurry at larger sizes. To revert back to default sizes, just click and drag the Cursor Size slider all the way to the left.


  • Robert Hersey

    No like , it’s pixelized .  

  • RB

    Seems it’s in the way most of the time as it is?

  • Peter Reynolds

    Wow! mine is not pixelated.  When did that happen?

  • tMyers327

    just used this as a prank on my co-worker haha he had no idea what was going on it was hilarious thanks cultofmac :D

  • KeirThomas

    I think on Lion it’s less pixellated and more antialiased, whereas on older versions of OS X it was just enlarged in an ugly way. 

  • Steve Swinsburg

    It’s actually in System Prefs > Universal Access on my iMac, Lion 10.7.2

  • Peter Reynolds

    I’m going to keep using it instead of PinPoint, but the cursor has a white background on it that makes it hard to accurately hit small radio buttons.

  • MrVulcan

    Sorry if this is a repetition, but I don’t see my comment. I basically asked if the function described has been removed from OS X since version 10.8.3, because I don’t see it in here.

    • Chuck_vdL

      They moved it, because Apple also likes to play ‘where did you put my cheese’ games with it’s users (it’s not JUST a game MS plays). Look in system prefs, accessibility, display On Mountian Lion anyway.. Once I realized that apple considers a larger cursor only a consideration for special needs users, I dug around under accessibility till I found it.