Windows 8 Intel Tablets Will Cost $100+ More Than iPad 3 [Report]


Photo by jdlasica -
Photo by jdlasica -

In the latest chapter from the Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight, Intel and Microsoft chase profits over a cliff. Unable to agree, the two companies created a rival tablet that costs more than the iPad and will likely hasten the move to ARM. The Wintel team is back at it snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

According to a report by industry publication DigiTimes, the inability of either Intel or Microsoft to give an inch on prices means an Intel Windows 8 tablet will cost $599-$899. Intel won’t cut the price of its Clover Trail-W platform and Microsoft won’t give up some of its Windows 8 licensing fees. As a result, “vendors are likely to choose ARM solutions from Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments for their upcoming Windows 8 tablet PC to reduce their costs,” the report says, citing notebook vendors.

Intel is already having a bad time as more PC makers turn to ARM products to cut costs. Analysts recently noted Intel could lose 1 million PC vendors, requiring the chip giant to bank on 4 million handsets to make up the difference. But as the report says, Qualcomm and TI are already a big part of the mobile picture.

The report also comes as an increasing number of Ultrabook makers push back against Intel’s unwillingness to provide much price relief. Now it appears Intel is also being stubborn about helping any Intel-based tablets go up against the iPad. Apple is expected to introduce a new iPad in March. That makes the only tablet able to undercut the iPad’s current price Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire — powered by an ARM from Texas Instruments.

  • Ace M

    Lets not forget, Windows 8 is a full-fledged OS, and not a mobile OS like iOS or Android. It’d be a different breed.

  • FriarNurgle

    Agreed, but the majority of tablet users do not require a full fledged OS. I’m sure they will be great devices, but Windows tablets will have a difficult time gaining market share at this price point. 

  • Killer_Kadoogan

    Previous Windows tablets used a full-fledged OS and they were awful. The tablet form factor only worked well when Apple showed everyone that the OS has to be tailored to the device. A full OS is great at a desk with a full keyboard and mouse, but not (so far) on a tablet. Windows 8 should at least be a better attempt than before. I hope it is decent, as competition is good for all users.

  • Mike Rathjen

    If you asked me if I’d pay $100 to be able to run either OS X or Windows apps on my iPad (in addition to iOS), I’d pay it. So I don’t think that price difference itself is a problem. The problem is that at those prices, the underlying quality has to be as good as or better than the iPad. And that’s a big problem.

  • 69Voltage

    And don’t forget, if Intel and Winblows can’t agree on pricing, what else can they not agree upon with this tablet? I don’t need or want a full OS on my tablet, so I’ll stick with what works, my iPad thank you very much.

  • herms angeles

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  • ddevito

    Windows 8 for tablets features a full desktop available, so for businesses it make sense to spend more money. However, prices will eventually drop over time like PCs.

  • Gerry Doire

    It’s time for Microsoft to get rid of Steve Embalmber, send him back to selling used cars, get people IN who are capable of moving the Company beyond obscurity and endless stupid blunders. The days of The Microsoft hegemony over the technical world ARE OVER, MS needs to actually compete now.

  • Nathan Glass

    Just curious.. What is the advantage of having a full fledged OS on a tablet device?

  • Nudsui

    I hate when people say this. It is not. You can’t run photoshop. You cant render movies in Adobe. You can’t play crysis. 

    it is and forever will be incompatible with windows 8 on pc’s. arm and intel processors can’t talk and therefore, can’t be made to run the same apps. Stop spreeding what you’ve pulled out of your ass. windows 8=ios on core complexity

  • Linutor

    My understanding is that Windows 8 tablets won’t actually run the full fledged OS, just the Metro variant which won’t offer full compatibility. Can anyone confirm this?