Rare Photo Shows Steve Jobs’s Rebellious Spirit As He Flips The Bird To IBM


A lot has changed since Steve Jobs flipped off IBM 30 years ago.
A lot has changed since Steve Jobs flipped off IBM 30 years ago.
Photo: Andy Hertzfield

This rare photograph of Steve Jobs demonstrates the Apple co-founder’s infamous rebellious spirit as he “flips the bird” outside an IBM building in New York City. It was taken in 1983 when the Macintosh team visited the city for a meeting with Newsweek, and was posted to Google+ today by Andy Hertzfield, a member of the original Macintosh development team.

Hertzfield posted the image “in memoriam for Steve Jobs as 2011 draws to a close”:

In memoriam for Steve Jobs as 2011 draws to a close, here’s one more rare photo that illustrates his rebellious spirit. In December 1983, a few weeks before the Mac launch, we made a quick trip to New York City to meet with Newsweek, who was considering doing a cover story on the Mac. The photo was taken spontaneously as we walked around Manhattan by Jean Pigozzi, a wild French jet setter who was hanging out with us at the time. Somehow I ended up with a copy of it.

Hertzfield reports that his editor previously begged him to include the image in his book, but that he was too timid to ask for Steve’s permission at the time, “especially since IBM was still making CPUs for Apple at the time.”

What a great photograph. Thanks, Andy!

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16 responses to “Rare Photo Shows Steve Jobs’s Rebellious Spirit As He Flips The Bird To IBM”

  1. DylanYounkin says:

    He’s a Blue Buster alright!

  2. ddevito says:

    One of the greatest still pics of the tech industry.

    Too bad lots of folks feel the same way about Apple going into 2012.

  3. Datan0de says:

    As a fan of both Apple and IBM, this is both hilarious and heresy.

  4. Eduardo Moraz says:

    Hahahaha!!! Not elegant at all, but very, very, very funny!!!

  5. Ryan Simmons says:

    That’s not rare. I’ve seen that photo many times. 

  6. volodoscope says:


  7. csman says:

    I always recommend our fellow apple fans to watch Pirates of Silicon Valley. It’s so much fun to watch Steve Jobs and Bill Gates when everything began. It will also open your eyes as how ‘original and visionary’ these guys are. And that’s how the game is played, even today.

  8. ddevito says:

    Agreed – classic flick.

  9. Eddy Suwito says:

    Tonight i will loved by you tonight for all we know might not get tommorow?

  10. imajoebob says:

    Rebellious?  More like dickish.  But that’s the way you’re supposed to be in your 20’s.

  11. Zudeo says:


    So what your telling me is that this is pre-turtleneck? Hmm.. :-)

  12. JDWages says:

    That’s a good one.  I’ll have to pocket that for the future. 
    “Nothing is rare once *I* have seen it.”

  13. Erik Domnizky says:

    Funny enough, that building is only about two blocks away from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store.

  14. Ryan Simmons says:

    But still. It’s not rare. I could of, and should of said *many* people have seen it many times. You can do a Google search for “Steve Jobs IBM” and this was one of the first images that came up, and that was years ago. 

  15. Vigneshwar Shankar Poojar says:

    Hey I am using this pic in my blog. Duly credited to cultofmac.com

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